Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rise Higher Than Your Fear

"Your going to keep on rising above. Your going to keep on soaring to new heights"

My blog always tends to be a mashup of all things in my life. From race recaps, healthy eating tips, and positive posts; I simply love to keep it rolling with the goal of inspiring others to live there best life possible. I think it's vital for people to realize you are only here once. Right now close your eyes, and think back to where your life was, and where you were five years ago. How different is it today? What changes have been made? Are your kids grown? Now think about how fast that went by. As you get older it will only go by faster, and the more time we are spending it doing what we *don't* love to do, or with people that are holding us back and making us feel suffocated and trapped it will only go by faster. Remember this: You are only here once. You will never ever get time back that has already passed. Stop spending it in a job you don't love or with someone who is not right for you. A partner should be "with" you on your journey-not making that journey more work. If you don't share your life, passions, and hobbies with your significant other it might be time to really rethink that relationship. The more time passes there you still sit. In the same exact spot you were two years ago, five years ago...ten years ago?  

I believe fear is the #1 emotion that holds us back from all we are capable of doing in this great life. If you were given the option to do anything you wanted for one day without zero chance of failure or no consequences what would you choose to do? Start that company you have always wanted to do? Leaving your job in search of a better one? Getting out of a trapped and unhappy relationship? Move to that new city or town you have always wanted to explore? Summit Mt.Whitney? Or how about running your first Trail Race or Ultra? What are you afraid of? What are you fearing today? Write it down. Your deepest fears, and maybe even your biggest regrets from the last two years. Look that list over. Now imagine doing all those things. Take out the fear completely, and just tell yourself you are capable of accomplishing all you desire. I call this re-routing fear, and I actually do it every single day! Why does the worst thing have to happen in a scenario? What if the best thing happened instead? Change your internal tune and combine the element of desire with the element of surrender. Right before you make that important call, or take that big risk say to yourself, "Please let the best possible things happen today". Focus on a better opportunity arising, having a bigger dream, and seeing a brighter future. If you tell yourself you can rise higher than any of your fears then you will do so. We are the limits we put on ourselves. Take away the limits, and just start reaching above your goals. Set standards higher than you ever imagined for yourself. Remember that we are exactly what we tell ourselves we are. If you put yourself and goals high in the sky then how could you possibly not end up soaring? You can accomplish anything you set your mind to! 

My lord  Kate Martini Freeman has the best legs ever!!

The last two weeks since AC100 have been filled with great fun! It seems like I am sleeping more than ever....but we have been having some fun to! I promised myself that for the two weeks after the race I would have a forced "down time" and just get a ton of sleep, and enjoy some time with friends. I was thrilled to throw a super fun party Saturday night for some of our friends. I LOVE to cook so getting to do this for 30+ of our peeps was so fun for me!! We had a blast, and I am so lucky and blessed to have all the wonderful people in my life that I do. I love the picture above...we are so silly! I love it!! The picture below is of three of my favorite boys. My "Wolf Pack"...how cute is the one on the right?? ;o)

I am excited to spend this week in the saddle. My legs are just not quite ready to run. I love my new bike Jesse built for me, and the next four days I plan on riding a ton! Saturday I am gonna hike up @ Baldy while Jesse gets in a last long run up there Before Waldo 100k, then we get to take our week long vacation to Oregon!!! We are so excited!!! I LOVE Oregon so much! 

The other weekend Jesse and I were able to nail down my Paramount Ranch Trail Half Marathon and 10k courses. This little race is the newest addition to my Fall line up, and I am so excited for it. This race is 99% single track, and just amazing!! Website will be launching soon. Below is the Face Book link for the race, and some great pics of the course! Please like us, and stay connected on FB if you have not done so yet!  

Mapping the course!

We also had a ton of fun doing a training run for the Griffith Park 10k!  A huge group of great peeps showed up! The next training run is Sunday August 26th, and we will be running both the 10k course, and Half Marathon course.  Coyotes will lead the 10k run, and myself and Jesse will lead the Half Marathon run. Please stay connected with the Griffith Park Races on Face Book also as I am constantly posting race news and training run info on these pages. Good times!!!

Face Book Link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Griffith-Park-Trail-10k/192475310854010

On,on,on with life my friends! Happy Trails! Stay positive!

Griffith Park Trail 10k training run!