Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy Happy Girl!!

Running on my new Sean O'Brien 50M course 
In Idyllwild

Since my drop @ Kodiak due to that nasty cold I had things have been really awesome for me. Its almost hard to put into words, but I most certainly will do my best. I got better, and then not to long after spent the entire day a few weeks back with one of my best friends on the planet Jimmy Dean Freeman. We actually ran the entire 50k course for my new race(in placement of Ray Miller) the "Sean O'Brien 5050"... below is a link to the new race so you can check out all we have going on. I am so super pumped about this race. Like crazy bat shit off the walls excited. I like that I make shit happen. I don't sit back and wait for life to pass me by. I simply get shit done, and change people's lives in the process. Ok I am done sounding arrogant. I am very far from that actually. Just having a moment; my sincere apologies. Link: http://sob5050.com 

I also got to finally chat with USFS about the new Leona Divide course, and I am super excited to announce that the new trails and sections of the PCT that I want to use we actually will be able to come 2014 race time. This will be an easier course, but I actually think its pretty darn cool that runners will get to run on a brand new course. Hey who does not love new trails! Jesse and I will be out there for the entire weekend in mid December to run, map, and garmin the new 50 mile course with our friend Karl (Karl is also the same friend that created all the courses for Leona Valley Trail Races). Yippie! 

OK so tackled the courses being burned by fires. How about we DON'T have anymore fires on my race courses pretty please Mother Nature. I am sure many RD's here in Southern Ca can share my pain. Please, please no more icky fires this season. :-)

So then a little while back I started running every morning with my dear friend Michelle Barton. She is most definitely my soul sista of the trails. We have shared endless amounts of hours and years playing together on the trails, and we have been having so much fun!! Its funny but we both said to each other, "why have we not been running together all this time??".... I love Michelle with all my heart. She truly is one of the people that will always have a special place in my heart. We will always be friends. The best part about running with her is that she pushes me, and I need that. I tend to run and log lots and lots of miles. I get lazy, run slow, and it does not help my performance. Its good to change it up, and get good turn over. A 12 mile sunrise trail run with Michelle is like a big dose of crack before I am even awake! I show up half asleep, and we just blast off. We also never stop chatting the entire time. We just laugh, and laugh, and I do my best to stay with her. It is so much fun, and we have gotten into this great routine. I truly am so blessed for her awesome friendship. Friends can come and go, but the true ones..the best ones stay for ever. I love you Michelle!!! 

All this running and having fun has set a deep deep desire in me for adventure. That has been a huge change for me lately. All I wanna do now is fun adventures. I honestly have zero desire to race anymore. I wanna just go for super long adventures on the weekends, and see where my feet can take me! I am sure that will change, and I am still planning on doing Chimera 100 in the next couple weeks. Jesse and I did Cactus to Cloud this past weekend, and that was insane!! We had intended to do the 8,000 meter challenge (which means to summit the three highest Southern Ca peaks in one day), but it had snowed, and the conditions were not the best for doing so. Below is a pretty funny video of me sliding down the Marion Mountain Trail though. OMG so fun!! Some pictures of us doing the Cactus to Clouds route are below also. We were not able to do the 37 mile round trip run as it was getting late, and we had been on our feet for hours already trying to Summit Mt.San Jacinto from Marion Mtn first. Not so smart! Gonna try the C2C2C again maybe the weekend of Nov 2nd...it has over 8,000 feet of vertical in 10 miles right off the bat so I am excited, but scared! Bring it! 
  Video Link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10202289961477387&l=3350055887259731806

So in a nutshell life has been really super awesome. I know I say this time and time again but for the most part it's because I get to spend my life with the most amazing man on this planet. He is my best friend, my partner in crime, and my true soul mate. I cannot imagine one single minute of my life without this man. He is loyal, kind, honest, and has so much integrity. He also happens to be pretty damn gorgeous! I am so blessed for him. He truly makes my life so complete. I cannot even imagine if I would have stayed where I was many years ago. I am so glad I have learned to live my life not out of fear but truly out of confidence. One of the best lessons I have learned in life is you never regret the shots you take, but you always regret those shots you didn't take. I feel so lucky that I took the risks that needed to be taken in order to find true happiness. Anyone can pretend and convince themselves they are happy. That everything is great, and all is well with the person they have settled for. Life gets busy, and we shove emotions down. Remember this very important thing though. Eventually all those emotions and unhappiness you felt deep down inside from the very beginning will find there way to the surface again. It might take a few+ years, and you can keep on keeping on, but sooner the later it will hit you again. Sadly enough there you will be exactly where you were 10 years before, but older and more unhappy. Just how life rolls...and it always keeps rolling on. 

On,On,On my friends...and never stops! Do whatever it takes to find your happiness. You can do anything you set your mind to. You can change your life. Pain is temporary, but regret is forever. Stop watching life pass you by.... !!