Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ohlone 50k and life!!

Ohlone 50k has come and passed, and I am super excited to report I had a great race!! It was very well organized, and such a top notch event. The course was marked extremely well, the aid stations were well manned with ample supplies, and the finish line was super fun. The course was hands down the toughest 50k course I have ever ran, but all in all I had a ton of fun!

The race is held on a Sunday so I was able to spend the entire weekend up in San Francisco before the race. I am looking forward to heading up there again in two weeks for Pacifica 50k. The temps were in the cooler range this year compared to most years. With this came and very muddy course! I believe the warmest it got on race day was 70 degrees? Perfect running weather, and just all in all an outstanding organized race!! I highly suggest this race to anyone who loves SUPER, SUPER tough 50k courses. Brutal and steep climbs coupled with brutal, steep, and loose gravel descents. It wasn't necessarily spectacular in beauty, but on a 1-10 scale I would give it about a 6. Tons of open exposed climbs, and not a ton of tree covered single track. A course I would give a 10 on beauty would be Jemez Mountains 50mile/50k or Where's Waldo 100k.

I spent the first few miles of the race really hanging back, and staying within myself. If there is one thing I have learned in this sport is no Ultra is EVER won in the first 10 miles. I just don't have the kind of speed and talent as those fast top tiered women so for me my strength and stamina is all I have got. Around mile 3 or so I had quite a mishap though!! I was not paying attention, and ran straight into a shin deep mud pit. All the other runners were smart enough to take the single track trail that scaled the outside of the mud pit to re-connect with the trail....but not me. I was the only dumb ass that went feet first into it. I got completely stuck, and it took me quite sometime to get out. My shoes got stuck, and came off, and I had to be helped out by some other runner. He was so amazing to stop & help me in the middle of his race!! Without him I sware I would still be there. What an angel! It took me another couple minutes to re-group and get my wet mud caked shoes back on over my completely mud packed socks. Ugh what a friggin mess I was! I of course had no choice but to keep on running, and before to long my shoes somewhat dried and I was back in business. I had to work a bit to move my way back up to the front, but before to long I was able to eye Bree Lambert, and was excited to catch her & chat. This woman is an absolute rock star, and if it wasn't for her little night out at Prince the night before she would have won no doubt. She explained she was just running to finish, and was focused on Tahoe 100 mile. She has won Tahoe 100 before along with a huge slew of other races so I am sure she will just kill it!! Go Bree go!! I told her I was gonna push on and try and track down the other woman in front of us. It was such a great day for me, and I definitely will run this one again if I can squeeze it on the calender. Below are the results:

When I crossed the finish line Jesse was there cheering for me!! He was so excited! It was only his 2nd 50k, and he finished 2nd behind Leor Pantilat. Below are great links to the first place, and third place men.


This past saturday myself and my baby brother Eric Wickland and a few other boys from our crew ran my Ray Miller 50 mile course(raymiller5050.com)! The pace was super strong for me as the first half Brian Polley ran with us, and I kept telling Dan. L I was going to die! He just laughed! We had so much fun, and man that course is a doozy!! TOUGH but so gorgeous! Monday myself, Jesse, and Wick ran my Los Pinos course(http://lospinos50k.com). Another tough day fo' sure with da' boys! Below are a ton of pics from Saturday's run. Thanks to my dear friend Dean Dobberteen for snatching all these great photos!

Griffith Park website has officially launched! Please check it out!

On, on, on with this amazing thing called life!!! Someone please pinch me cause I am having the absolute time of my life.... ;o)


  1. Congrats on Ohlone! Wish I could have been out with you guys Saturday but I was work'n. I think the Ray Miller 50/50 is going to me my new favorite race of yours, I love it out there... I dunno though, Los Pinos is pretty sick.

    Elissa might run the Griffith Park 1/2 Marathon, sounds like a cool event!

    See you soon =)

  2. Congrats on a good race day!