Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baby it's cold outside...

Photo: Billy Yang
Last week I read this some where:
Life flies by. Look in the mirror today and ask yourself time and time again if you are doing exactly what you want to be doing, and sharing it with who you wanna to be sharing it with~ I stopped what I was doing walked over to my mirror, and smiled. I then walked out of my bathroom, and headed out the door to work at INKnBURN. I did not ask myself that question. I did not need to. I did not even want to. I knew the answer. I love my life. I wouldn't change a single thing about it. Take a moment to ask yourself the same thing. Do not be afraid of what the answer might be. If we stay put out of fear eventually life will pass us by, and we will be exactly in that unhappy place we were to begin with except the difference is years will have passed. Years you simply cannot get back. Take the leap today, make the changes, and find your happiness. Find someone to share it with, and all will fall into place. Never, ever be afraid to go after your dreams....

This month has been so much fun! On November 12th was my amazing race the Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon. It was so much fun, and a HUGE success. I am overwhelmed by all the love & support the running community has poured out to me over this event, and I already cannot wait until next year. I wanted to send out a huge heartfelt thanks to Mr.Tom Labonge. He is an amazing man, and in my opinion doing an outstanding job as councilman for the city of Los Angeles. He was a huge help in making this race happen, and please if you have some time send his office your love & support for helping us make this race a possibility. Below is a great picture of Mr.Labonge and his office giving me an amazing award for organizing and making this race come to happen. What an honor!!
Race week was such a blast as I actually spent the entire week living at the Magic Castle Hotel to get ready for the race. I ran about 70 miles that week in the Hollywood Hills, and did all kinds of exploration runs connecting up parks like Runyon Canyon up to Mullholland and into Franklin Canyon Park, and then on, and on. I have no problem running pavement to connect up trails, and I love exploring new areas. I love running hills, and I could not believe how steep some of the hills were throughout Hollywood!!! One day I ran for four hours, and about 23 miles. I climbed over 6,200 feet in that run, and that was all within the city limits of Hollywood. No joke people it's a great place to train for hills!! Jesse and Tyler arrived Thursday, and Friday was spent marking the trail, and then hosting race check in & bib pick up at A Runners Circle running store in L.A.

The coolest part of all about the race? We did not get a single drop of rain!! It was like the little area of LA where the race was had a good chi cloud around us. It was just the most perfect day ever, and I couldn't have asked for a better event!! Thank you so much to all my amazing sponsors in assisting in making this race such a huge success: A Runners Circle(I love you Joe & Dino!!), INKnBURN, GU, Coca Cola & the team, Guayaki, Subway, Whole Foods West Hollywood, Lucy Spencer Murray & Moms in Motion, & many more! Below are some fun pics from the race!

Race date for next year as of now is Sat Nov 17th, 2012. Leona Valley Trail Races will be moved to Sat Sept 29th, 2012. This will leave the month of October open for another very cool little race I have in the works...but...shhhh...it's still a secret!! ;o)
Things have been going great with my running, but I am still just working on getting back into race shape, and taking plenty of time to let my body heal properly. It's been quite a journey the last 15 weeks just getting better, and teaching my hip to run properly again now it's truly fixed! I cannot believe how amazing and great it feels, but I am just in no rush to start racing before I am ready. We have been doing a ton and ton of just super fun runs with friends, and each other, and for now I am totally ok with that. We headed up to SMM 50k on Sunday, and I was toying with running the 50k. I am running Red Rock 50mile this weekend and Jesse was very worried about me racing a 50k the weekend before a 50 mile. Although I was planning on taking it easy I to realized it was kind of to much. I decided to do the 30k or 18k, and just have fun. Wick went up with us to as all of our friends were gonna be there, and when we got there it was flippin pouring rain. I ran a bit with Elissa Price, but after a soaking wet 8 mile loop I was happy to put dry clothes on, and just get out of the pouring rain. I know it was all for the better cause I really wanna survive Red Rock 50 mile this weekend. It will be the farthest I have ran in four months so my goal is to just finish, and have fun. Myself and Luis Escobar are gonna hang together and just run each other to the finish. His running is light these days so he was happy to volunteer himself to hang with me. Thanks Luis!! It will also be my Jesse's first 50 mile. He of course is not even worried, and is super pumped. Between him and Chris Price I have decided they are not human. Such machines! Below are some random pics of me & Jesse playing together on the trails...

Tons of great stuff happening at INKnBURN to! We just launched our mens running shorts, and are getting ready to launch our running & cycling compression leg sleeves, and long sleeve running tech shirts. The best part about my job? I get to test our new products day in and day out, and so does Jesse. We LOVE having Chris Price on our team now, and Jimmy & Kate testing our amazing products also. Below are some silly pics from our photo shoot last week. Not only does INKnBURN make the best endurance apparel on the planet, but they are the greatest people on the planet to work for. We have such a blast everyday!! 

These two boys...
Heres a funny video of us at the photo shoot:

Cannot wait for Thanksgiving!! I have been baking and cooking non stop, and I love it! I LOVE to cook!! So excited!! I look forward to having a graphic and interesting race recap from Red Rock 50 mile! Below is the last info that Luis the race director sent the entrants...oh boy...
Amigos, are you ready? This course is for real. The course is beautiful and challenging. Please be prepared for a very long day and night of running magic in the Los Padres National Forest. Remember, this event is intended for the advanced, self sufficient distance runner. There will be long sections of remote and lonely backcountry trail with no exit strategy. Be prepared to be responsible for yourself. If you are unsure about the course and or your ability, please do not start this run. 

I AM HAPPY TO STEP OUT OF MY COMFORT LEVEL, AND HAVE A RACE COURSE HAND ME SOME HUMBLE PIE. BRING IT ON LOS PADRES NATIONAL FOREST!! My lord friends please say a prayer for me...LOL...so many from the crew are going up I don't even care how the race ends up. So excited for the raddest weekend ever with everyone!! 

P.S. Congrats to Chris Price for winning yet another race on Sunday at SMM 50k. Yay!! Best of all? His amazing little wife Elissa finished her first 50k on Sunday to. Those that play together stay together. We really do have quite the amazing crew of us all running ultra's now. I never could have imagined...it is so flippin cool!!! LIFE ROCKS!!!!

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