Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Leona Divide in a video...why I LOVE my life-

Yep these are my friends-I love my life

Here is the best way I know how to sum up Leona Divide...Thank you Greg Lanctot for this rad video...

Thank you to all my friends, family, and amazing volunteers for helping make Leona Divide an overwhelming success. Thank you to Montrail for believing in this girl from Southern Ca. You trusted me, and had faith...a girl who has come from nothing. A reckless and horrific childhood. Self made, self strong, pure survivor. We are rocking it down here in So-Cal.

 Thank you to the love of my LOVE of my life Jesse Haynes for being my better half, and my everything. I will love every ounce of you until the day I die. The man of my dreams, and my soul mate. My best friend, training partner, and co-rd I love you baby!!!! Below are some pics of course marking, and a picture of me on Monday pulling course ribbons, and out playing on the trails. Someone pinch me. I love my life.

Last here is a link to irunfar's great recap of the big show down of the top competitors at the race, and top overall results. Thanks B!! 

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  1. I always feel like I miss out when I don't make one of your races! Sounds like it was an amazing event, not that I'd expect anything else at one of your races. You'll be up with your Beau at this weekends race right? Hope so!

    Let's start training for AC!!!!!!!!!!!