Thursday, June 21, 2012

Loving the Mountains!

In Life you have two choices-
1. Bet on your dreams
2. Play it safe
I have chosen the first option despite the massive risk of failure. I just didn't want to have regrets later on in life and wonder "what might have been" 

Right now I consider myself to be in "100 mile training survival mode". It's this really ridiculous place of running way to many miles, way to many days in a row, doing everything I can to recover and sleep, and spending endless hours of repeating this process until the wonderful joys of tapering are reached.  Some might consider it masochism. I consider it awesomeness. I also prefer to spend endless hours on end playing in the mountains with my free time. I love seeing the sunrise over the mountain tops, and I am someone who needs to be outside everyday. If I am not running then I will hop on bike, or go for a walk. I need sunshine, and I enjoy being with my friends on trails. I love getting dirty. The other day I was running with my friend Michelle Barton on an early morning, and I fell pretty hard. My legs were tired, and she knew that. She quickly came to my side, helped me up, and rinsed my busted open hand with water. We have such a bond, and I love the bond I share with my friends on the trails. We always help each other no matter what-through thick and thin, and I am so very blessed to have all I have. It does take it's toll though, and yesterday I ran with the boys at Mt.Baldy, and I was the weakest link. My body is just exhausted still from running across the USA, and the boys I run with are just not slow. They were all so patient with me, waited, and did nothing but encourage me. Once again I finished my run being thankful for the wonderful people in my life. Life happens so fast, and everyday just zips by. I really appreciate all the kind people that bless my life daily. I am so blessed. God always has a funny way of weeding out all the bad people naturally. It just seems to be how it is. Thank you Lord for that. Below are a bunch of fun pics from runs I have been doing up in the mountains all over Southern Ca. I still have a couple more weeks of solid mountain training I will be doing, and then it will be a nice long two and a half week rest for me until the big day. I am super excited for AC this year. The competition is great, and I am really excited about that. It will be so much fun! 

I opted not to run Holcomb 33 mile the other weekend, and take the time to rest, recover, and crew Jesse and Jorge with Mari. We had a blast all day, and the boys took home first and second place overall at the race, and ran two of the fastest times ever @ Holcomb 33 mile. We had such an awesome weekend up at Big Bear, and then this last weekend up at our Cabin In Idyllwild. Chandra and  Prizzle came up and visited, and it was great. This weekend will be filled with just a ton of big mileage, and lots of fun BBQ's! Loving that Summer has arrived. The other day my son and I got home from Idyllwild, and we walked down to the beach(yes we live within a 5 min walk to Doheney State Beach). The water was freezing...but we jumped in for such an awesome swim. I promised myself that once I start tapering I will jump in the ocean with him at least three days a week. We had so much fun! Jesse and I are also counting the seconds until the Tour starts. We are obsessed with NBC sports and watching all the bike tours. Thank god for TiVo!! Loved Tour of California. So impressed with Peter Sagan. That kid is amazing..ok totally off on a rant.

Also for many of you that have not heard I have a new little awesome Trail Race in Griffith Park. Its a Trail 10k, and part of the "Hollywood Rockstar Trails Challenge". Here is the website link: and yep it's the very next day after the Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon.  So if you are up for a super fun little challenge you can run both races in the same weekend, get an awesome shirt and medal for doing both, and of course enjoy two spectacular events. Or just run one of the events and still get a great race day shirt and medal! I LOVE Griffith Park so much, and it just has such a special place in my heart. So excited to be making these events happen! 


Last I wanted to give a nice little shout out to my dear friend Rob Faris over at Outdoor Television Network. He is doing this really amazing 50 mile ride to raise money for cancer, and I promised him I would post the donations page so anyone who can help please do so. Here is a note directly from him: 

 On July 28th, I will be participating in the CT Challenge bike event. It's a bike event on the surface-I am dedicated to riding 50 miles, but the reality is it symbolizes much more. My core mission is to raise money for the 1st ever Clinic for Cancer Survivorship in the state of CT.  Cancer is a disease that has affected all of us directly one way or another. We all have family, friends, & loved ones who have been stricken with some form of the dreaded disease-hopefully the people you know are now Cancer Survivors. In 2012 there were 12 million people who are Cancer Survivors in the US- that number is rapidly growing to 20 Million..These people still need care, treatment and other forms of therapy that far outlive the medical insurance coverage most get. That’s why Jeff Keith’s dedication to building the Center for Cancer Survivorship is so important.    
I consider myself fortunate to have met Jeff Keith.  He has inspired me to do more, be a better person, and ultimately help this cause. He is the co-founder of the event, he is a cancer survivor himself and now a philanthropist. I felt so compelled by his own struggle, we highlighted him in a segment on Outside Television to tell more about his story.  Below is my personal fundraising link. Any amount you can afford will certainly help-no donation is too small. I am extremely grateful for the support. Together we will make a difference!

On,on,on with life my friends!! 

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