Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blink Blink....

“Until I met you," she said, "I never realized how precious each day could be. When I was working, each day was over before I knew it, and then a week just flew by, and then a whole year...What have I been doing all this time? Why didn't I meet you before? If I had to choose a whole year in the past, or a day with you-I'd choose a day with you...” 

 Shūichi Yoshida, Villain

I am always fascinated by how fast life just zips by. It always comes closer to my attention when I finally find a quiet moment to spend sometime on my blog, and get a new post up. How could it already be almost New Years Eve? Where did Christmas go...where did the last year go? Each week just flies by. Each month just zips past. I look back at the last three months of my life and they have been incredibly busy. I had the Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon on Nov 17th, and then the Griffith Park Trail 10k on Nov 18th. Both were sold out races, and huge successes. Following that I ran and played on the trails quite a bit, and took a huge backseat to racing myself. I did the Red Rock Trail Marathon on Thanksgiving weekend, and Jesse and I had a blast camping up in Santa Barbara that weekend! Then in December was another one of my events called Paramount Ranch Trail Half Marathon and Trail 10k. Both of these races sold out, and were just a ton of fun!  I literally blinked, and my entire back end of 2012 just came and went. I feel so blessed and lucky that I have Jesse to spend my life with, and I honestly cannot remember what life was like before he was in it. He is my best friend, and I am the luckiest girl on the planet! As fast as it zips by I feel like as long as I share it with him I am happy to be moving along.  

After Paramount I took a huge backseat to all things other then running. I knew I really wanted to focus on getting back into race shape, and start 2013 off right. Last year was not that way, and I really had a rough start to my 2012 racing season. So....the last four weeks have been spent doing nothing but playing on the trails for hours on end, and I am really looking forward to racing in three weeks at the San Diego 50 mile. I hope to have a great race, and just enjoy the heck outta the day! Below is a mash up of a million pictures from the last few weeks. I just love my life, and I am happy to spread that joy with all of you! 

I cannot wait for the next few days!! Today I spent four hours playing on the trails with Pam and Tommy, and tomorrow we are headed up to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl!! Jesse's entire family is in town from Wisconsin, and its gonna be the biggest celebration ever! New Years day I am really looking forward to the ARC annual run, and cannot wait to run the actual parade route. It will be a super fun week filled with lots of good times spent with friends and family. Somehow I will find the time to try and fit in a good 2012 race recap of my year on this blog...just not sure when I will be able to find the time! 

Happy Trail Running my friends, and Happy New Year!! On, On, On.... See many of you at Ray Miller 50 mile/50k in February! 


  1. Great pictures! I love the new Ink 'n Burn "sweater" :D Happy new year!

  2. SO great to see you happy, and to keep on that super-positive inspiring spirit of "Nothing is impossible". I wanted to come to Ray Miller but am not in any shape or form to do so and didn't want to disappoint you, so next year. Please don't go into lottery - I never have luck with those!