Sunday, January 23, 2011

Life & Stuff

I have a few things I wanted to touch base on. I am headed out the door to hang with Murphy for the night and work on our editing for the Leona Divide( Trailer. Myself, Brooklin, & Mike Murphy(and yes we are looking for a sports video production company) are going to make a race day documentary. All entrants will be able to buy it after the race, and it will be sold on Mad Athlete. Super excited about this, and it's just another one of my crazy ideas. Very pumped about this though, and excited to finally give Ultra runners a great race day video of there event! My goal is to get tons of footage from every aid station, and the start & finish line, ect. What's great about this is an Ultra is so much smaller than lets say the LA Marathon so I believe almost everyone will have a chance to get in it. So fun!!

I have been hiking a ton, and really being a smart girl with this Itband issue. This was a direct result of overtraining, and I know better than this. I just love to be outside all day on the trails with all my friends so much, and literally ran my poor little self a bit into the ground Nov/Dec. All great though, and coming back super strong. I hiked and ran a bit on Thursday with da' Coyotes. I got home and swan for 90mins, and then went to the gym and lifted for about 45mins. On Saturday myself and Annie Tenwick hiked in Griffith Park for 3 hours. She lives not to far from here, and her amazing dog Tommysauce can be off leash and hike with us. He is incredible as we power hiked like maniacs, and we had trouble keeping up with him! We had a little bit of a crazy thing happen though! We found this super steep crazy single track that is kind of up near the Observatory that we decided to hike down. Little did we know half way down we would all kind of get stuck. It was VERY steep, and also super slippery dirt. Tommy was ok, but it took Annie & myself a bit longer to get down(stop laughing Annie I can hear you!!!) Once we made it down we started laughing so hard we were on the ground dying. I LOVE being such a little tomboy!!! Love it! Silly girls we are! When I got home I swam for 90 mins, and then spent time hanging with my family! So fun! I am 100% committed to not overdoing it, and just cycling, hiking, biking, swimming, and lifting like a maniac along with running from now on. I just have to accept that I don't need to go on every run that every single one of my friends goes on!! Lol!! Somehow I will be smart about this from now on...

Today I met my friend Karl up at my Leona coarse, and we ran for about 2 hours. We just talked, and talked, and had so much fun. He is such a sweetheart, and told me he is expecting his 3rd baby this Summer! So exciting!! Everyone I know is having babies around me my lord!! Is someone trying to tell me something?? LOL! Congrats Karl so excited for you and your amazing family! I must say a part of me is a bit jealous! ;o)

I got home and hopped in the pool for about an hour. I then of course watched Football!! The only TV I watch is sports(love me some Lakers!!). I will occasionally watch something on the history channel(pickers,documentaries,ect) and I also will sometimes hit up the discovery channel(I shouldn't be alive) but this is rare. I pretty much never watch TV unless a basketball or football game is on. I was gonna go to Wick & Fayes to watch the game but I just had to much work to get done. It's official that I am going to be putting on the First annual "Ray Miller 50/50". The race will start and finish in Point Mugu State Park, and hit the backbone Trail, Ray Miller Trail, and some of the best backcountry the Santa Monica's have to offer. This course is absolutely amazing, and is just going to be an off the hook race. I am so friggin stoked!!!! You will not hit the same trail more than twice, and it is going to be epic! I have worked VERY hard in the last three months to make this happen, and race date is Saturday Feb 25th, 2012. Quite a ways off, but this event will be top notch, and it will take sometime. I am just thrilled I got the word from Mo that I could have this date.  Like Leona Divide, and everything else I do it will speak for itself, and be a stellar event. My brother Erik Wickland has wanted to do this for awhile, and I am super happy to step in and do this for him. He has helped me a ton with the mapping, and the website should be complete by end of March. Looking forward to making this a yearly premiere race!!

Ok people have a wicked rad week, and play, play, play!! If your not enjoying life change it! Life is so short do whatever it takes to find what or who makes ya happpy!!

Wanted to give a shout out to my dear friend Molly Kassouf, and her super awesome race El Morro 50k!! Race date is Saturday May 14th, 2011. I will be working an aid station, and cannot wait. It's on beautiful trails in Laguna Coast Wilderness that I literally run on every week, and are right in my backyard. She only has 75 spots available so sign up if you haven't as this is s SUPER top notch race I promise!! link:


  1. Girl, love to read your beaming attitude:)

  2. You live life to the fullest.

    Keep looking for races to put on up in my area. I like sleeping in my own bed before races!

  3. Evan~

    I am working on it I promise!!! I love sleeping in my own bed to b4 races makes such a difference! :-)