Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lovin Life!!!!

Ok so I have been having a TON of friggin fun the last two weeks....just a ton!! My amazing Rudy sunglasses have been all over Southern California running with me, and they rock!! They are the best specs I have ever ran in...they don't fog up, they are super comfy, and I just love em! Super stoked to be working with these guys, and love everything they make. Check out

Been doing a ton of fun training runs with all da' crew, and Sunday I hosted another Leona Divide training run. We had such a blast as we ran most of the 50k course in the snow...just beautiful. I was so excited because my dear friend Dean Dobberteen and I had a ball just playing in the snow, and enjoying every minute of the day. Dean is amazing...he rarely looses an Ultra he shows up to, but is one of the nicest guys you could ever come across. So humble, and sweet, and I am so lucky to have known him for the last four years. Here is a link to all the pics he took:
I have been working like crazy getting ready for Leona Divide! So excited for this race, and everyone that is now getting involved. I spent the day today with my awesome friend Brooklin Rosenstock scouting for a photo shoot we are doing for Wicked Fast Sports Nutrition( He is the best photographer I have ever seen, and so down to earth, and humble. All around a genuine super incredible guy. VERY rare in this industry fo' sure!! He has a great website: so please check his stuff out! Brooklin will be at Leona shooting a ton of phots, ect. Cannot wait!

I also wanted to give a shout out to a cool website called Ella Sport. She makes great stuff so please check her out.

I am gettin' super excited to race in two weeks out at Mesquite Canyon 50k near Tempe in AZ! So happy Jesse and the boys will be heading out to Phoenix to! Cannot wait...have tons of racing plans after that and I am excited to really get back at it. My itband injury definitely set me back, but I am feeling rested, and super strong. I am also looking forward to having my custom bike made soon! My friend Jesse is helping me get this all dialed in, and we have just been having a blast training together! So fun! Looking forward to doing my first IronMan in August in Kentucky~so pumped! Running Ultra's always comes first but I am interested to see if my coach can mold me into what he says he can...hmmm...we'll see...think I will do just one and stick with the Ultra thing. Nothing compares to spending the day out on trails in the wilderness all day with friends...nothing.

Ok about to go hop on a plane and fly all over the US!! Yippie!! Cannot wait to get in some snowboarding in fresh CO powder!! Love my life, love my sport, love my is all what you make of it. Weed out the bad, and just live it to the fullest~word!


  1. Ahh the love for the IRonman!! So excited to follow along your adventures to IM.

    HAve a great weekend..!!!


  2. Any time I need a boost - you are here. Loving life is the best way to live.