Saturday, February 19, 2011

Listening to others...

I have a ton to write about, but I first wanted to touch on an amazing article that was written about me in Beyond Limits Magazine. I am honestly at a loss for words for how thankful I am to Bill Murphy and his entire crew at Beyond Limits Magazine. Please check out the link below....

It's funny because in the last four months I have met more people that have inspired me far more than I ever thought I could imagine existed, and I hope with all my heart this article will help inspire someone out there trying to get there life together or just pick up the pieces if things have fallen apart. My life is in such an incredible place right now, and it all stems from hard work. I fully believe hard work, determination, and drive coupled with an extreme positive attitude can move mountains. I live life to the fullest, and just refuse to believe you ever have to stay in a place if it does not make you 100% happy! The only limitations we have are the ones we set on our own self. Period.

Ok so this weekend I have been instructed to not run the Bandit 50k...UGH!!! I am feeling incredible, and in tip top shape, but my coach tells me it's just not quite time to race yet. My itband is 100% better, and he still wants me to focus on my core strength, and pool swimming, and biking. All I want to do is race...I am super competitive, and thrive off racing. I literally have no fear, but this is also one of my biggest faults. I race to much, and tend to over train, and slowly but surely we are changing that. I feel like I am getting friggin stronger than ever, and my legs are just solid muscle right now. I hate that I have not raced yet in 2011, but am going to listen to my peeps, and be smart. Mesquite Canyon will just have to be my first race for 2011. I still plan on going up to bandit tomorrow and helping out!! Would not miss a day with all my Ultra family no matter what!! Plus I wanna see my dear friend Chris Price rip the shit out of that course....word!!!

Yesterday I spent the day crewing my CoyoteSauce *Jimmy Dean Freeman* while he attempted to run the entire length of the Backbone Trail(68 miles). He has done this before, but this time was joined by a whole gang of different peeps from the So-Cal Ultra Scene. I was stoked to be there bitch fo' the!! It was an awesome day full of tons of awesomeness(not even sure if thats an actual word??) but unfortunately had to be cut a few miles short due to the weather. Seriously a crazy ass storm came in, and between three inches of rain started hammering on the runners. At mile 50 I had to force Jimmy Dean in the car. He did not want to stop(crazy ass??), but once in the warm car he was all smiles. It was also great to see some other friends along the way stopping by to help out~love ya Jayme Burtis!! A whole crew of us went out to dinner later, and had a super fun night ;)

Some great people that joined the run were Pam and T, and the hilarious Coury brothers from Tempe, AZ. These guys are just the best, and my peeps no doubt!! Jamil and Nick Coury are not only EXTREMELY talented Ultra Runners(hello Hard Rock finishers!!) they are also Race Directors. They put on a whole slew of amazing Ultra and Trail races throughout AZ in places like Wadell, Ash Fork, and Fountain Hills. All of there races are absolutely top notch, and they are all ran on trails. They range in all different distances so please check them out!
I will be out there in March running there 50k Mesquite Canyon! Love me some Coury Brothers!! Below he is sporting one of my favorite Inknburn shirts that says run or die(

Leona Divide is right around the corner so if you have not signed up please do so!! Don't forget we have added a 50k and 30k to the distances, and these are all run on beautiful Southern California Trails. Check out:

Have an amazing rest of the weekend and week everyone!!! Life is just a blast right now hope you are enjoying it also!! AWESOME SAUCE!!!

LONG PS.....
Ok so today(Sunday) I cruised up to the Bandit 50k/30k/15k Trail Races in Simi Valley. I did not race as I explained earlier(wanted to almost ready!!), but I wanted to give a few shouts out to the race, and some people I hung with. First off this race is done up great. The start/finish line was awesome, and honestly overall it was a great event. I will definitely go back next year fo' sure and run it. I drove my dear friend Carmella up to run her first 30k and she did amazing!! So proud of this girl!
Next I got to see my dear friend Chris Price not only win the Bandit 50k, but he friggin smoked the course in 4:12. This course is wicked technical, and NOT easy. My lord this guy is on fire. He ran his first 50mile at my Leona Divide last year, then he won my Los Pinos 50k back in November, and I cannot wait to see him race my Leona Divide 50mile in April...hmmm...I dunno Chris maybe I should just come to all your races cause I seem to kind of be your good luck charm! LOL! Pic is him at the finish below. I was so bummed his amazing(she does Tri's) wife Elissa couldn't be there but she will definitely be at Leona! Yippie!!

I also spent the better part of the afternoon hanging with John Medina. He is an amazing guy, and the founder of the very cool Trail Running group the Santa Monica Mountain Goats!! Please check them out at I am definitely looking forward to having his Mtn. Goats help me out at my newest race I am putting together the "Ray Miller 50mile/50k". Please keep your eyes out for the website coming soon!! This race is gonna be just wicked awesome, and touch some of the most remote parts of the Santa Monica Mountains!! Race date is Saturday February 25th, 2012. Below is a pic of me and John, and some other friends at the Bandit Race.

Ok gotta jam the week is off the hook packed!!! I am traveling all over the place in the next 6 weeks...AZ twice, NY, San Fran, maybe Washington...whoo hoo!! On, on, on with life everyone!!


  1. Loved, loved the interview, girl. So agree. From overcoming the childhood, the youth trouble and whatever life throws at ya, never, ever give upo, never think negative, believe in yourself, believe in good of others, and keep moving on. Way to go, girl!

  2. Thanks for cheering me on at the start and finish at the Bandit 50k. Can't wait for Leona!

  3. I fully believe hard work, determination, and drive coupled with an extreme positive attitude can move mountains.