Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Life has been incredible for me the last week, and I am hands down probably the happiest I have been in a long time. I am seeing my life come together more than I could have ever imagined, and everything I could have ever imagined possible to happen in my life is happening!!! Be careful what ya wish for cause someday ya might just get it all!! WORD! Loving my friends more than ever, and a few other *special* people also.

Ok on to something that has kind of thrown me for a loop today, and I am working on recovering from it. Shed some tears, but understand 100% the race director's position. Unfortunately I cannot apply to run Badwater this Summer. One of the requirements is that you HAVE to have completed at the minimum three 100 mile races on your Ultra Resume. Period. No exceptions. I have only finished two. The only other option would be if I had ran and finished the Brazil 135 which of course I have not. My heart was so set on running this race. Many people have asked me why I want to run Badwater so bad, and unless you have been there or experienced crewing it's hard to make one understand. I will say this though...Badwater is the only place in the world that makes you be completely present in the moment. You are not thinking about your problems you have, bills you have to pay, marriage problems, or any of that shit. You are reduced to survival. Reduced to a crew and a runner, and you become the strongest unit of family there is. You work on getting through the days mile by mile, and feed of each others energy, and the beauty of the desert. Some of the strongest bonds and friendships I have ever had have come from my Badwater experience. It has taught me I have/want to share my life with an endurance athlete. I have to share my life with someone who fully understands that materialistic things and all that bullshit don't matter. Who gives a flying shit what some fucking movie star wears to the Oscars..seriously who cares. What does matter is the bond of friends, family, and people you can connect with on a higher level than most understand. It's so important for your life partner to be that kind of person or it just will never work. I really learned this out in Badwater this last Summer crewing for Jimmy. It was an amazing experience, and myself, and Wick, Jimmy, and Pam are like my second family. Badwater is life changing, and if you are lucky enough to experience this with close friends it will change your life forever.

So with all that said where does this leave me...Fo' sure Badwater is on the list for 2012. No doubt. Everything happens for a reason, and I guess I have a score now to settle with Angeles Crest 100. I had commited to being Jimmy Deans Crew chief for AC, but I am sure he will understand as he is my Coyotesauce!!! Everyone kept telling me that I need to go back and do what I do in the mountains. So Angeles Crest you are getting what ya want. Bring it...bring it. It will be an interesting day for me with this news, and the flood of my sponsors, and all that blah,blah,blah. It is what it is, and cannot be changed. My heart is with Badwater, but I just don't quite meet the qualification standards yet. I will in 2012, and be even more ready then to go and do well. Word!!

I am excited to announce I think myself and Brooklin have found an amazing crew to make my Leona Divide( documentary happen. He is a friend of someone I used to kind of know, and was hesitant at first but my Brooksauce assured me it was the right direction. All good, and totally meant to be. Tons of stuff so great has happened in my life just the last two lord it's overwhelming...thank god I have a the right people working for me, and helping me with it all. On, on, on with this awesome thing we call life!!! Someone pinch me please cause I feel like I am in a dream!!!


  1. You can still fly to Texas this weekend, walk Rocky Raccoon, and be qualified for Badwater. If I had the cash that is what I would do. I needed 1 more to apply for BW but DNFed the HURT so I am out.

  2. Love the briefing of Badwater. I wish you well this year and be able to run BW in 2012. I'd like to be as strong as you are when I grow up. :)

  3. Great decision Keira Badwater will always be there for you : ) finishing my reading assignment by the weekend, by the way. U rock sistalove!

  4. Evan~I have the funds to do rocky racoon, and could totally go, but just can't. Trust me I am still thinking about it...but just not sure if I can pull it off in 2 days..I am so friggin busy right now, and have nothing prepared for it, and trying to see if I can somehow make it happen. My to do list and life is so overwhelming right now I can't even see straight, but I will keep ya posted if I decide to go! Lord!

    Greg~hope you are enjoying the book my friend!! So excited to be working with ya, and cannot wait to hear what ya think....

  5. Come to Rocky!!! We'll take good care of you!

  6. Oh Olga your not helpin me any....thinking...thinking...