Wednesday, February 9, 2011


As always life has just been nuts for me(but nuts in a good way!!!) I have been running, cycling, swimming, and hiking a ton! Enjoying life to the fullest, but *SLAMMED*!! I have now taken on another race that will be to date one of my biggest events yet I will put on. I have to keep all the details under wraps for just a little while longer, but very, very soon I will get all the info out.

Today something very funny happened...someone in my life has talked me into doing a full Iron Man. Honestly I have no idea how this even happened...but since he is gonna do it with me I am like what the hell why not. I absolutely LOVE to cycle, and swim, and we have been doing it a ton together so I am gonna give it a shot. He is going to make me do a half distance first though sometime this Summer cause the Iron Man that he is doing is in November in AZ. He is gonna check and see if it is sold out so hopefully I can join him there! It's weird because yesterday I ran for a few hours on the trails with my brother Wicky, then swam for 90mins, and then went and lifted. Tomorrow I will do an early 10miler on the trails, then a 60mile ride. This is just normal stuff for me. I am always Trail running, cycling, and swimming. It's just what I do. I happen to just love to run Ultra's, and used to be super afraid of riding on the road. I am definitely over that fear, and have been killin' it on the bike...killin' it!! My strength is actually swimming. I ocean swim at least once a week if not twice, and it just comes naturally to me. My coach watched me get in the pool on Monday, and was are in the wrong sport sweetheart! LOL! To bad my favorite sport is Ultra running!!! Definitely sticking with Ultra's, but it's all great fun, and I don't care what i am doing as long as I am out enjoying life!

I am super excited to head up to Montana De Oro this weekend and hang with my crew. I am not running the 50k though, and plan on dropping down to the 30k. I have Bandit Trail Run 50k the weekend after, and refuse to let Chris Price beat me by more than 30mins. Seriously this is a heated rival, and he is not a Lakers Fan(which pisses me). To bad Hone won't be racing Bandit Trail run those boys are such trash talkers!! Word! Next month I am so super pumped to head out to AZ for the Mesquite Trail run 50k. It's not far from Phoenix, and I plan on tearing the crap up out of that course. It's tough, rugged, and totally my type of course. Going to this race with my game face on fo' sure! I am then supposed to zip up to Washington the weekend after to Krissy Moehl's race Chuckanut 50k, and super excited about that! Two weeks after that I have Lake Sonoma 50mile! Word! Cannot wait to go up to that race cause my entire Sauce crew will be there in full force! Yippie!! I look forward to getting my ass handed to me by the very top in my sport. Devon will be showered, fed, and eating by the time I cross the finish! Love you Devon!!

I also wanted to touch quickly on some great shoes I have been killing the trails in. I have posted a few times on some shoes I love(tons of great ones out there), but I am lovin' me some TrekSta Trail Evolutions( These shoes are so incredible, and comfy, and just solid for gripping technical trails. I also love the Kobra's that they make. These are more suited for icy, technical, and slick Trails. Both shoes are made with this incredible Icelock/Hyper Grip Sole, and are just an amazing shoe on the Trails. They both have great ankle support, and incredible traction. I am super stoked to be working with them, and if you have not tried a pair of there shoes do so cause they are friggin rad!!

Also wanted to quickly touch base on another company called Soleus. They make incredible watches, and have something very cool in the works in the way of a watch made specifically for Ultra Runners. SOOOO excited about this, and everything about this company. I am super excited to be working with them also, and people you are gonna die when you see this new watch they have come up with. Keep your eyes on my blog for tons more to come out about this!! (

Ok everyone have an incredible week and weekend!! Dont forget the next training run for Leona Divide is Sunday February 27th. Gonna be so much fun!! All info can be found on the website~ Race is fillin up so if you have not yet registered do so! Don't forget the addition of the 30k distance. Last, but not least one of my other new races Leona Valley Trail races will be open soon for registration on IAmAthlete. Please go to for registration info!

Get out and enjoy life people!! Don't ever take one single moment for granted as it is a gift, and meant to be lived to the fullest!!


  1. Hi Keira,

    Let me guess, the big race you are taking over is Western States? And you are going to handpick the entrants from Team INK N BURN?? Nice!

  2. Good luck at Montana de Oro this weekend. As far as the Bandit goes, I think Hone will show up and drop us like were hot.

    I'm kinda toss'n around the idea of doing a 140.6 triathlon this year, look'n at Silverman in November over in Henderson (Vegas area) Nevada... not sure if I can stop running long enough to hop on the bike and train though. Good luck getting into Arizona!

  3. hey keira...fix the LD page...i sent someone there today to sign up and the link is gone for ultrasignup.


  4. Yo Dustin~

    It will be back up promise we are ssmadk in the middle of working on the site as I type...but yes I know thanks working on it! Yikes!

    Price~ duuuude its so on...getting fitted for a new bike today, and I am. All over the henderson race cause AZ is sold out...rode today for 3 hours, and ran for 2, and I am so talking you into doing this with me! We could ride a ton this summer after SD100 all over LA! Word!!

  5. thanks keira! btw...silverman is turbo bad ass...did the full a few years back. buttttt...they are not holding it this year because they are hosting ITU worlds.

  6. Congrats on your first IM. Which one you thinking of? Bill