Friday, February 4, 2011

My Shanny!!!

Life has been just amazing the last week, but I wanted to touch just a bit on a few things. I always like to give some *shout outs* to people that I love, and are great in my life. Life is all about who you surround yourself with, and I absolutely adore my friends~they are my family. One of those great people is my dear friend Shannon. She is an amazing mom, athlete, but most importantly part of my sauce crew!! She can howl louder than Jimmy Dean(yep just laid that down), and give most men a run for there money on the trails. Last night we went to da' Lake show...damn those friggin Spurs..stop it Chris Price cause I can hear you...

My dear friend Greg's brother was able to get us the tickets at the last minute, and we just had a blast. I have somehow ended up at more Lakers game this season than ever before, and we had so much fun!! If I could have it my way I would be at every Lakers home game there is! Word!

Shannon and I have just a ton of fun together, and I cannot imagine my life without such a person in it...below is another pic of us out hiking on the Los Pinos Trail! Love me some hiking in the mountains!!
Last but not least I wanted to touch on an incredible product that if your not taking you should be. It's made by a company called Wicked Fast sports Nutrition, and is a product called Recover Ease( Myself and my dear friend Michelle Barton have been taking this product for years, and to put it best it works!! Go on there website, and check the stuff out cause its AMAZING!! We are excited to now be the new faces of this company, and looking forward to a great 2011 with them! Incredible recovery product people try it!!!!

Ok have a great weekend all!! Superbowl yippie!!!! Life is just friggin awesome sauce!!! I am looking forward to hanging with my girls next weekend up at Montana De oro! I am not sure if I am going to race it, but either way I cannot wait for the weekend away with the Coyote girls! Get out on the trails and get dirty peeps cause its the best medicine there is!!


  1. Great game. Timmy and I were jumping up for joy when the Lakers lost. Spurs are my number 2 team behind the Jazz. I graduated high school in San Antonio and love that city. My graduation ceremony was actually right on the Spurs floor. I am a huge NBA guy and pretty much watch at least 1 game every night.

    Anyways see you next week. The whole Hone clan is heading on up for the race. You should just run the race and sandbag the crap out of it. That is what I am going to do.

  2. Ok hone let's sandbag together....but at the end wanna pull a Scotty Mills and balst out ahead of me? Oh ya I just laid that down.....word!

    Ya leave my Lakers and Price...its early least your not a friggin Heat fan~dont even get me started on Lebron James and his boyfriend Dwayne Wade~

  3. I am going to try to win it but in the slowest time possible.

    Though Bulldog taught me that I can get smoked pretty easily if some one really good shows up. No matter how hard I try. See next Sunday!

  4. Yes, I am a certified Laker Hater, and today, February 5th, 2011 A.D. I guarantee that the Celtics will be the champs this year... mark my words.