Monday, November 8, 2010

Battles and Blessings...

I believe life is full of battles and blessings. The battles are what help us reach our blessings, and even when we go through hard times there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I was woken up this morning at 2am with a phone call that my Grandma passed away in her sleep late yesterday. She was 90 years old, and I was close with her my whole life. She was like a mother to me, and in many regards raised me when my own Mom was not fit to. I quickly woke up Tyler, and we cried and laughed over all the wonderful memories we have of her. He finally went back to sleep, and now here I sit alone in my bed. I had planned to write about my whole weekend of running, swimming, and biking when I got up today, and then go hit the pool for an hour swim. As of now I am just loving sitting and listening to the rain. I love to write, and listen to the rain. I will miss her with all my heart, and I know she would still want me to enjoy life, and share my amazing weekend with everyone! So grandma for you I will write all about it, and like everyone else I hope you enjoy reading it! Today has some battles, but my weekend was filled with tons of blessings....

Last week was a great week for me. I swam(3 times!!) and rode my bike a ton, and loved it. I also hit the gym twice, and threw in some miles on the trails. Friday I ran long with Shannon, but took it really easy as my friend Annie and I had plans to run Saturday. I absolutely LOVE Annie. She has become one of my super close friends, and we have quickly developed an incredible bond. She lives in Santa Monica, and we wanted to spend all day running Saturday trying to figure out how to connect up Temescal with Westridge. Faye and I had wanted to do this also so I was super excited to go on this adventure with Annie. To me doing something like this is heaven, and I just love new trails, and exploring. The run was bananas amazing, and the day could not have been more beautiful. The weather was cool, but sunny, and the trails were crowded with tons of people I know from Race Directing. Annie laughed as every runner with a handheld or pack stopped to talk to me. I am super used to it, and it's just part of the lifestyle. I love the Southern California trail running community, and absolutely love being out on the trails seeing everyone. So fun!!

Once at Westridge we turned around, and headed back to Temescal Canyon where our cars were parked. Westridge is strictly fireroad, but the views of the ocean are absolutely spectacular. Once back in Temescal it's tons of fun singletrack! Annie was so friggin strong, and I got her to power hike a ton. She did amazing all day, and a few more all day runs with me, and she will kill it at North Face. So many of my friends are going to North face that I am still on the fence about it. Right now my main focus is Hurt100, and Red Rock 40...but we'll see...

After our run I was excited to spend the afternoon with Annie! We went back to her house, and grabbed her dog, and took him down to the beach. While walking we saw Kate running with her mom, and it was great. Jimmy has been away crewing for someone at a hundred mile race so she was hanging with her mom. Her mom was riding the bike, and Kate was running. So awsome!! We all discussed next weekend, and made plans on saturday to run my Leona Valley trail Races Marathon course( coming soon!! Once at Venice I think Annie was dying over my behavior. I had never been here before, and I am still in shock over the whole thing. What a wild place!! As we walked she said, "lets go check out the Basketball courts". SIDENOTE~my son Tyler played BB for 10 years. He is 6'2", and to put it lightly is a friggin baller. He is a white kid that has mad skill, and informed me just Wednesday he is going to play High School ball. He then went on to tell me on Wednesday after school he tried out for the Freshman team, and made it. I am still in shock a little as his Cross Country season just ended, and track starts in a few weeks. He stopped playing BB because of all the pressure form his coach, and his continual jumpers knee. He is a center, and one of the best rebounders I have ever seen, but jumping up and down causes the knee to go nuts. I am concerned, but must let him fly on his own, and learn battles and blessings on his own. Hopefully his knee won't act up, and I can watch my sun ball it up at Dana!! He is talented as hell, and I can't wait!!

Ok so back to me and Annie! I loved watching the guys play ball at the courts. I have to bring my son here, and it would be an absolute blast to watch him dunk on some of these guys. We then walked on to Muscle Beach(Ok really??), and I fell to my knees when I saw guys in speedos working out at the outdoor gym. I had heard of this place before, but come on...really?? God I am glad I trail run, and just have a grip on what life is really about!! hehe...Afterwards I headed home, walked my dog, and got some work done. I then went for a recovery swim in the pool, and just felt incredible. It's funny because swimming is actually what I am naturally good at. I am best in the ocean, and I just don't get tired. I love to swim, but of course would much rather run!! After my swim I showered, and made an amazing dinner for myself and some friends. LOVE to cook healthy and yummy food!! Honestly in my past life I was a friggin chef!!

I got up early Sunday to once again run on the trails all day, and was super excited to drive up with Mike to meet a bunch of the LA Frontrunners for a backbone run!
I had such a great time on Sunday! We ran on the Backbone trail, and honestly if you have not ever been on this trail you must check it out. We started at Kanan Dune parking lot, and headed North back towards Malibu. Every section of this trail is so green you would never know you are in Southern California. Honestly it has to be one of the most beautiful trails in Southern California, and I just love running on it!! It's 100% singletrack, and has a good mix of great climbs, and runnable down. Perfect Trail! I had such a blast with all these guys as they are very sweet, and will be helping me a ton with Leona Valley Trail Races! My friend Jonathan was there also, and he owns Salt Stick. I am super excited to be working with him now for my races, and amped to support Salt Stick electrolyte pills! Such a great product!! During the run Sean was the best entertainment. We started a discussion on new flavors of gels that need to come out. I suggested PB&J, and then he suggests Bacon!! He starts going on and on about bacon, and how he has bacon soap, bacon candles, bacon everything. Those that are very close to me know how much I love pigs. I believe my jaw is still where I left it on the trail! So funny! Sean you need help! hahaha...
Once we finished the run we all went over to Jonathan's house for some great fun! He made tons of food, and we all just hung out, laughed, and chatted, His house is so friggin beautiful, and is literally in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains. The views he has are spectacular, and I was so impressed! Those who know me will quickly say things like this dont normally ever impress me, and honestly I could care less about material things...but wow what a beautiful home with outrageous views!! We all were so excited as we planned many get togethers we would have! So fun!!

I got home late Sunday afternoon, and was PUMPED to see my Vikings win. Thank you Brett...thank you. Lakers won this weekend also, and that was with Kobe playing very little. He only had 12 points, and 30 mins play me some Lakers!!

Sunday night I went over to Wick and Faye's for Sunday night dinner, and also to discuss a race Wick wants me to make happen. The tentative plan is September 2012, and the potential name is "Ray Miller 50/50". Definitely gonna make this happen....forsure! It was great to see Eric Mapping out the course, and figuring out aid stations, ect. We had so much fun Sunday night, and I just love these two people with all my friggin heart. They are my family, and I can't imagine my life without them!! I got home last night, and Tyler got home shortly after from his Dad's. I love our sunday night talks. We recap about our entire weekend, and he is always so interested in my running, who I ran with, and loves to hear all about my crazy adventures. At one point on the run on Sunday Jonathan saw a gardener snake. I quickly snatched it up, and all the guys just lost it..they were so freaked out. OMG it was priceless!!

I then went to bed, and awoke to the news of my Grandma. The rain is pouring now, and I have to get Tyler up for school. Her death has only solidified the things I want in life, and how important it is to not ever let the ones you love go..ever. You are only here once, and as time flies it's so important to spend it with people that truly better you, and make you happy, and live out your passions to the fullest.  You go through life meeting thousands of people, and if you are lucky enough to connect with that one person it is vital you recognize that, and do whatever it takes to see it through. I love surrounding myself with amazing friends and people, and living life to the fullest. I believe in the powers that be, and that life is such a great gift. With all the battles the blessings are awsome~patience is the key to life, and something I did not have a few weeks back. Today, and for the next year I will have patience, and see all the things I truly desire in life come to pass. Life is quick~seize the day everyone!! Don't take one second of it for granted, and do what ever it takes to truly find happiness~even if it involves some battles!


  1. Beautiful tribute to your grandma, honey. You have a huge heart.

  2. Sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother. My prayers are with you during this difficult time.

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss Keira. My heartfelt condolences.

  4. Sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I just got back from spending the weekend in Ohio with mine for her 85th birthday. i do not see her often enough, but I sure am glad i made the effort through the snowstorms to be there to share that with her.