Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life is bananas amazing awsome sauce!!!

The past two weeks have been absolutely amazing, and life is just AWSOME SAUCE!!! This weekend I spent running on my "LVTR" course getting the elevation profile for the marathon course( Annie and I had planned this the weekend before with Kate, but instead Annie brought a bunch of great SoCal Coyotes with her, and we just had a blast!! They LOVED the course(so stoked!!), and it was so fun for me to tell them all about the history of Leona Divide 50mile, and the trails out there. I love history, and especially love the history of race courses, ect. So cool!
I absolutely love meeting new people, and what a sweet group of runners!! We had a blast, and I was honored to show them my marathon course! Afterwards me, June, Annie, and Erin all had lunch in Santa Monica(love these girls), and then I headed home. Saturday was a very mellow pace for me so that night I went back out and ran another ten, and swam. It was early to bed as I am in 100% Hurt clean, train, rest, clean,train, rest repeat...hahaha! Love this lifestyle, and love living and functioning in this manner. It will be nice after Hurt to have some downtime though!! I caved the other day and did have some sugar...but it was organic raw cane sugar in a vegan cupcake so it does not count! Ha!

On Sunday Pam and I had planned on running Temescal to Westridge, and back. She has been begging me to take her up on these trails, and so off we went. We ended up hiking though as my IT has been tight, and I really needed a good solid power hike for Hurt anyways. We hiked 13 miles in 2 hours, and 50 mins! We are animals! We even stopped to chat with Bev, and Juliett! Great to see those girls! Afterwards we had lunch with Jimmy Dean(such a nut that boy!) and just had an amazing afternoon. Hey we even saw Derek Jeter where we were having lunch. Jimmy is a huge baseball fan so he was pretty pumped. Pam and I then went over to whole foods to get some warm teechino(I do not drink coffee!!) and then headed home. By the time I got back to the OC, and showered it was very late afternoon so I walked my dogs, got work done around my house, and then dove head first into a ton of Los Pinos work I had to do. Honestly Pam and I had the best day ever, and I am just blessed to have such amazing friends in my life~

Yesterday myself and some friends did a water drop/shuttle for Los Pinos 50k( We had so much fun, and I cannot think of a better way to spend my day that out on the trails all day with friends! Love being outside as much as most women love to shop! Cannot imagine doing anything else all day~ok maybe a bike ride, a swim thrown in, and then eating yummy food after! hehe...
Today and tomorrow I will be marking the Los Pinos course all day, and getting ready for tons of friends and family to come into town for the race. Honestly the amount of help I have for this race is just overwhelming, and I cannot wait for the race!! I just love my job so much, and LOVE this sport so much. The people are amazing, and without a doubt the best people I have ever met! I promise a full race recap by Monday night...

Sunday I might go up and run the PCTR 50k...I definitely want to see everyone, and go up there, but we'll see. So much fun! If not then Pam and a bunch of friends are running 30 in the Santa Monica's so I will  just jump on that train. Been incorporating a ton of power hiking into my training, and I am just LOVING it!!! I LOVE to power hike for hours, and will absolutely need it to survive Hurt100. LOVE IT! Gonna spend a ton of time doing this the next 6 weeks~a ton~

Have a great weekend everyone! I will see all of you weather at Los Pinos(what up 80 volunteers!??!) or at the PCTR race on sunday...yippie!!! Looking forward to Thanksgiving, and seeing my sister!  I will definitely be tightly surrounding myself with tons of family. Gonna run that morning with tons of friends, and spend the day in Newport at my Aunts. So fun!!

Awsome sauce everyone! Have a friggin great day!!! Life is just bananas amazing! Live it how you want to not how other people tell you to!! ;o))

was out marking my course today on the Los Pinos Trail! Shannon and I had such a friggin blast, and the coolest part of all is part of it was in the dark It took us 4 hours to mark this section, and we had just way to much fun! The picture is of me just loosing it when the marking ribbon got all tangled..I have this super weird habit of falling to the ground whenever I laugh!


  1. Love your post and your photos...good job!

    "Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it."
    -Oprah Winfrey ~smartwool socks