Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My 2011 Race Schedule

I believe there are angels always watching over me...and yes the above picture was taken on a run. With some of the races I am going to do in 2011 I will need all the blessings and Angels I can get, but I am confident in what I have sent to my Manager, and believe these are the races that suit my strengths the best~

Jan 2011~ Hawaii Hurt 100 Mile!!!
Feb~ Recover/swim/bike/yoga
March~ Save Mt.Diablo 50k
April~ Lake Sonoma 50mile
June~ Pace/crew Scotty at Western states!!!! Yippie!!! Love u Scotty!!!
July~ BADWATER(if accepted!!!!)
August/September/October~ Recover/swim/bike/yoga
November~Red Rock 40mile

I normally wouldn't post this quickly again, but I was asked to solidify this schedule so what better way than on my blog. So yep, here it is. Ready for 2011, and looking forward to an incredible year!

I am nervous about going to Hurt100...but super excited at the same time. Faye and Wick will be there with me(and maybe Jimmy??), and I am confident I can finish in one piece. I think. I hope. Ya I will be ok.. right??

Originally I had posted I wanted to do Wasatch. I swore I would never go back to Badwater again a month ago. Things have changed though for me. I have always wanted to do Badwater with all my heart. As much as Wasatch is on the bucket list Badwater is all I think about. I believe it's what I am meant to do, and I am in a great place with everything now mentally, and can't wait to go back!! I have a solid crew of my dearest friends, and I can't wait for us all to take the Badwater journey together( If I get accepted in). It's a life changing experience, and it will be all I am thinking about throughout the year. PUMPED!!

Wasatch just does not work anyways with all of my races I am putting on. Wick and I have pretty much decided that early September is the month for our "Ray Miller 50mile". No way I can put on a race that size, and run a 100 in the same month. Early October is My "Leona valley trail Races"(, and that event will be on the bigger side so I need September to work; not run and recover from a 100! Funny how fate always steps can fight it all you want, but one way or another if something is meant to be it will find it's way to come to pass...period!

Have a great couple weeks everyone!! I will hit ya all up with a great Los Pinos Recap on Sunday the 21st!! Honestly I believe everyone I know in the sport will be either volunteering or running! So excited with all the help I have, and honestly just blown away. Love my Ultra Running family soooo much, and it is just gonna be such a blast!! Michael murphy wanted me to tell everyone that while he is climbing Los Pinos he is going to do a Nancy Kerrigan tripple axle...yep thats what he said! ;o)

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