Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 was crazy sauce!!

2010 was just a crazy ass year for me to say the least! I have definitely had some crazier years, but 2010 kinda tops my list. People keep telling me I should write a book but I dunno??..hmmmm...;o) The pic from above was taken back at the beginning of the year on one of the coolest runs/hikes in the snow I have ever been on! Love me some Michelle Barton!! She's my girl, and it was a great way to start off the year. Next my son and I hit up the Winter trail Run Series(, and ran two of the races together. I was just coming back from an injury to my hip, and had taken 7 months off(yes 7 people). These little race series were a super good way to come back from my surgery, and such a long time off. A ton of people kept telling me to sign up for a marathon or half, but I knew better than that. I spent all of January hiking, and running slowly only on trails. I lifted a ton, went to yoga, swam like a maniac, biked a million miles, and by February I was up to running/hiking 15 miles on the trails. I never stepped foot on the friggin pavement or any indoor machine as they are a death sentence to the knees and hips. I spent the entire month of February hiking and trail running even more(a ton at altitude), and always took it really easy. If I felt like I was pushing to hard I would stop and power hike. I was consistent, determined, and focused on coming back 100% injury free. By months end I had done a few 20-22 mile runs.

The picture above was of me at the starting line of the SJT50k. This was beginning March, and I had not ran farther than 22 miles on the trails in over 9 months! I never once pushed it during that race, and used it solely as a comeback race. Without any expectations I ended up having a ton of fun, and finishing 11th overall, and 4th woman. I was pumped, and just super thrilled to be back out on the trails with all my friends and family!!

Next I went up North to run Mt.Diablo 50k put on by Brazen Racing( This was just two weeks after SJT 50k, and I did great! I ended up 2nd female, and 10th overall. Yippie I was so excited! The woman who beat me was amazing, and we friggin battled all day, but in the end she pulled away form me and beat me by about a minute. She was so strong at the end! To this day this is still one of the most well organized, well manned, best swag races I have ever ran!! Can you spot the girl in the Rat shirt above?? Hint: Look to your left...hehe

From there I put on and Race Directed a little race we so-cal Ultra runners like to call "Leona Divide 50"( It was my first year directing this race, and I knew the instant it was over I had found my calling in life. I absolutely love people, and especially encouraging and aspiring people new to this sport. I am a social butterfly, and just love to spread the joy and love of Trail Running that I have to others. I have such a huge passion and love for this sport, and through Race Directing I am able to share it with ya' all!! The best part about being a Race director is so many of you I know on a close and personal level so when you cross my finish line it is VERY emotional for me. So many of you mean the world to me, and I can't explain what it's like to put a medal around one of your running partners necks! It's the best job in the world, and I love it!! Below is Michelle, aka "speedysauce" with her win and finish at Leona this year. Not the most flattering pic of me, but oh well! hehe..
In May I ran the PCT50 mile( This race was so tuff! Hands down I think the toughest 50 miler around. It's technical as heck, and I have never been able to have a good race on this course~I won, but BARELY. Sally Mcrae was right behind me, and if it wasn't for the small kick I had at the end she would have creamed me. Glad that race was over when it was as I puked all over myself three miles form the finish!! Gotta love the sport of Ultra Running(I LOVE IT!!)

Two weeks after PCT50 I flew out to New Mexico and ran the Jemez Mountain 50k( Wow what an amazing race!! I cannot put into words how beautiful the trails in the Jemez Mountains are, and people this race needs to go on the bucket list no doubt. Absolutely breathtaking! Just plan on sucking air through a straw the entire time, and having a very slow finishing time as most of the race you run above 9,000 feet. Plan on tons of power hiking, and just enjoy every mile of this race.Tough, tough, tough...but top notch A+++ race. Well organized, well manned, and to die for trails. I will be back in 2012 forsure!! I enjoyed the day, and my entire four days of vacation in New Mexico, and goes down as one of the most fun trips to a race I have ever had!

In June I paced my dear friend Scott Mills at western States. OMG now that was awesome sauce!! Scotty is such an amazing guy, and I was so proud of him for doing so well as he really hit a low spot the last few miles. The excitement of being at that race, at night on that course cannot be put into words. I am super excited to either be apart of my Deano rats crew(aka ratsauce) or pace Scotty again. Would love to pace Scotty again so much!!

In July I went to Badwater, and crewed for my dear friend Jimmy Dean Freeman(aka coyotesauce). What a blast we had! My best friend Pam Everett(aka swisssauce) was part of the crew along with my little brother Eric Wickland(aka homeskilletsauce), our photographer Garreth McKay, J, and the sweet JB Benna. We all meshed so well, and had the most amazing time of our lives!! I think in over the 34 hour span that Jimmy was on that course we fed him over 30 pineapple GU roctanes! OMG poor Jimmy!! From this amazing experience has stemmed some of the best friendships I have ever had. Jimmy and I are closer than ever. His Coyotes Trail running group will be working two of my aid stations at Leona Divide, and a ton of the Coyotes will be running Leona as there first 50! Jimmy is now going to be on my Badwater Crew(if I get in!), and I am pacing him at Angeles Crest 100(go coyotesauce!!) The Coyotes will also have a huge involvement in my new race "Leona valley Trail Races"( Crewing Jimmy at Badwater was life changing for me, and such an incredible experience. I cannot wait for this summer!!!!

So after Badwater I spent many, many hours training for Angeles Crest 100 mile. Below are some fun pics of some runs I did...and the coolest part of all was these were taken at Baldy in July!!

August was spent running, and hiking, and running some more. My goal was to go into AC100 in the best shape of my life, and I did!! I was somewhat smart and tapered, and come race morning I was super well rested, and ready to rock. I remember standing at the start line of the race, and the buzz and energy was just so intense! There is nothing like the energy at the start line of a 100mile race! OMG it's something so special. My pacers and crew were amazing(thanks Ashley, T, & Pammy)!! I had a super good race at AC, and even though I went off course for 4.5 miles I still managed to somehow pull out a win. Seriously I just got lucky, and would love to return in 2012 and tear that course to shreds. If I don't get into Badwater I will run AC no doubt. That entire race, and the training leading up to that race changed my life completely. Cannot wait to race it again someday, and I am really looking forward to training late spring and early Summer with Coyote Sauce(Jimmy) to get him ready for a sub 22!!!

September I went up and raced Rio Del Lago 50k( My dear friend Jimmy Gabany(what up Badwater crew member!??) is the race director, and he is my Riosauce!! I won this race also, but luckily no fast women were there. This race was just pure "suck it sauce", and has officially gone down into the history books as one of the stupidest decisions I have ever made. I actually walked the last two miles, and will never race another race 2 weeks after any 100! It was two weeks after Angeles Crest, and the win was pure luck. Below is a pic of me early on in the race..thank god!! Jimmy Dean's brother Stan was also running the 100mile as his first 100, and it was so much fun to experience and be a part of that later that night.
In October I went up and Ran the Diablo 50k put on by PCTR. I actually have a full re-cap of the race on my blog. Check it out as it was a great race for me. I Loved the course(TONS of climbing), and had a great day. I won this race, and was second overall. So stoked!!!

November, and December have been spent just running with tons of friends, and having some of the best couple months of my life!! I also put on another race called Los Pinos 50k( I have a small recap up on my blog also for this race. Race date for next year is Saturday October 22nd! I think you can always measure someone's integrity and compassion by the support of there friends. I have been overwhelmed the last few months by my friends!! Some of the best friendships I have ever had have come to light in the last three months(love you Eric, Faye, Shannon, Pam, T, Scotty, Dean, Jimmy, Annie, Sean, Murphy, Molly, Andrew, & Michelle). Below are just a few pics of some runs and good times me and my entire "Sauce" crew have been sharing together.

And last but not least here is a whole link of photos from a great run we did the other weekend in Pt. Mugu state park in Malibu. So much fun!!

So that's my 2010 in a nutshell, and a very shortened version. I would have to do this post in two parts for the long version, and just don't have the time right now. Life has gotten so busy for me(all good stuff), and I keep looking around wondering how come all these amazing things keep happening to me?? Maybe it's my karma or maybe it's a little of my destiny. I can pretty much take care of myself; I don't walk around with much fear. I spent the entire day on Monday with jimmy, and at lunch he said something that really stuck with me....

This is 110% true. I love Ultra running, I love being outside, I love swimming, Hiking, biking, lifting weights, yoga, cooking, baking, watching my Lakers, watching football(college&NFL),and just being friggin alive!!! I love that I am the girl that always goes for it. No fear, going after what I want, and never having to live with settling or regrets. I love that I am constantly taking big risks even though I don't know the outcomes. I am never angry, agitated(ok maybe in big crowds!!), or upset because I am living my life by my rules, and the way I want to live it. Live life to the fullest with no regrets, and make 2011 your best year yet!! If you don't like the way your life is going check your Karma, make amends where needed, then change it!! Be good to all who cross your path, and treat people with honesty and integrity, and only good will come back your way. It's just how life works whether we like it or not. We are only on this planet once, and time flies. Make sure you are surrounded by people who bring out the best in you, and truly have your best interests at heart. 

Last but not least my Vikings actually won the other night!! Yippie!! What a game! Not sure whats going on with my Lakers though...oh man! Went to a game a few weeks ago, and then again on Christmas, and it's just been a slaughterhouse. Tyler and I are gonna be at the game on the 30th(what up Shaq and the Celtics!??) and I cannot wait!! My son has also talked me into running part of the Surf City Marathon with him. Luckily for him my entire sauce crew is going to be on hand to pace him form 13 to the finish. Poor kid is never gonna get off easy in the sport of running. As soon as the word got out he wanted to do this Mary my entire crew was on board. Should be soooo fun!! I am still waiting on my royalty fees Surf City WTF??!! He also wants to do LA Mary, but we'll see. Man thats a ton of pavement(UGH!!) Also looking forward to getting up to Mammoth and Big Bear for some serious snowboarding this season!! I love to ride, and just cannot wait!! What up Mammoth with a million feet of fresh powder..what up?? Yes I will be coming soon don't worry~

Make 2011 the best yet, and I cannot wait to make a million more memories out on the trails with ya' all! Yippie!! Life is just awesome sauce!!!


  1. We have a big group going to Surf City! Hope to see you guys down there. I am hoping to run around 3 hours. Can't wait.

  2. Oh you will see us Karl just look for the big obnoxious group of bandits pacing tyler& wearing shirts with tylers face on it! Haha...and of course you will run a sub 3 hour Karl that's what you do your wickedfast sauce!!! Miss u!

  3. Awesome stuff Keira. Continued success in 2011. The pic of you coming down the the trail at Rio Del Lago says it all! On, on!

  4. Thanks so much Dave! Ya Rio Del Lago is one I have almost blocked out of my memory! Will never do anything that stupid again in my life! Gotta love life lessons! So yes onward, and on on I go no regrets and never looking back! Love moving in the forward direction! Your blog is great BTW!

  5. great year and recap!!!
    in your blur of RDL, I met you there, so great to chat with you.

    Are you running HURT100 this year? I didn't see you on the bib assignments and was told there would two of us from InknBurn. anyway, hope so.


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  7. Bummer you had to bail of HURT, I was looking forward watching you do it! Well, internet-watching:) You keep having fun, doll!

  8. I owe you a huge thanks for my great year of running last year. First Leona (my first ultra ever), then Los Pinos. Being an RD and putting on a great race is one thing, but having awesome support, aid stations, etc. during that torrential downpour with howling winds, very impressive.

    I love being able to see everyone that's signed up to run Leona... I'm so stoked to run it again!

  9. Awwww....I luv u pricey!!! U my lospinossauce!! Hahaha...