Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Loving my New kicks!!

A ton has been going on in my life in the last few days, and it's all been super exciting. I have been running like a maniac(DUH!!??), but also swimming & biking quite a bit to. I actually ran yesterday with Faye for two hours, and then went home and hopped on my bike for a couple hours. I have been having a ton of fun on my bike, and am looking forward to going for a 50 mile ride tomorrow with my son! Tyler has been playing so great at Dana for his BB team. With two games a week, and practice every day things have been nutso!! I am busier than I have ever been in my entire life, and just super stoked to be making so many great things happen and come to pass.

I also have started to mentally prepare for Hurt...but that is still up in the air a bit. I am starting to get ready to move after the new year, and Hurt might not be what's best for me right now. My dear friend Dean Dobberteen was going to crew and pace me(luv ya Deano Rat!), but still sitting on it for a few days before I make any decisions set in stone. I also have a huge trip to NY in January for personal/business stuff, and with all my work stuff right now swinging over to Hawaii and runnin' a 100 miles seems near to impossible. Like I said I am going to sit with this for a day or two and decide...more than likely its looking like Hurt is not going to happen this year. I am 100% focused right now on the business/work aspect of my life, and racing comes second. If I don't go to Hurt it will definitely free my legs up to race in the So-cal scene Jan~March. Love the sound of that...

So now on to the main reason for this post. In the quest to find the perfect trail running shoe for Hurt I was introduced to an amazing shoe made by La Sportiva( called the Crosslite. Honest to god these are hands down the best trail running shoe I have ever ran in, and I am hooked!! They are so friggin comfortable, and just supportive as heck. It's funny cause I was having all these little aches and pains in my knees(both), and hips, and even my IT band was acting up. I had been running in a certain kind of shoe(not saying any names)for years, but I knew something just wasn't right. Sure enough I ditched the shoes, got my La Sportiva's in the mail, and have been running pain free ever since. I am by no means a shoe expert, but I am completely convinced all my issues were because I just wasn't running in the best shoe for my running needs. I absolutely LOVE these shoes, and am super stoked to be tearing up the trails in them!! I am running totally pain free now, and all those little pains are gone(along with the old kicks!) Love my new La Sportiva Crosslites a ton!!

Getting super pumped for 2011~so much fun stuff going on!! If you have not signed up for Lake Sonoma 50 mile yet then do so cause it's almost full! Go to ultra signup to get registered This race is just an awesome event, and one that should not be missed!! A whole clan of about 15 of us are heading up from so-cal including our very own Jimmy Dean Freeman as a cheerleader for us all(just teasing Jimmy baby!!) What's great is a ton of other great friends of mine will be there from all over the planet! hehe...cannot wait! So much fun just love the heck out of this sport!

Ok must sleep...way past my bedtime..way

I will be runnin' all weekend, and a TON over the next few weeks and Holidays(what up Christmas eve run!!!) I can't think of a better way to burn off holiday calories than running like a maniac, and spending time with friends. Tons of pics and posts will follow! What's also great is Tyler will be out for school soon for Christmas break, and that means TONS of hiking & trail running with him(Mt.Baldy hiking here we come). Yippie!! Yippie!! Awesome sauce!! Love the holidays so much ;o)

God bless everyone, and Happy Holidays! Get out there and get dirty people!


  1. Try to make it to the HURT. You will regret it if you dont. It is an awesome race and the vibe is super cool.

    It is one of those races where you have to be 100 percent committed though. It is tough to keep turning around and running the same ridiculous loop again and again. The DNF rate s pretty high. So if you dont go this year put on on the calendar for 2012 for sure.

  2. Evan~

    Hi sweetie!! It's on the calender for 2012 for sure..I was so bummed to pull out, but just not meant to be right now. I emailed Jeff today. Go kill it for me, and have a great time. I cannot wait to run it in 2012; cannot wait!! Hope you are doing great, and training is going well!!