Thursday, December 23, 2010

My beautiful Jayden Raye!!

I have been super busy enjoying life more than I could ever have imagined(OMG!!!!).  I don't have the amount of time to know where to begin so I won't even try!!

Just wanted to give a quick plug to my sons girlfriend Miss Jayden Raye~she is pure AWESOME SAUCE!! She is completely self taught on both the guitar, piano, and writes all her own songs! She is only 14, and just one of the most amazing teenagers I have ever met. She had asked me to post a different link, but I liked this one way to much! Here is her link, so please check her out!

Merry Christmas to all my amazing friends and family, and I can't wait to see so many of you during the next few weeks!! Yippie!! Life is just so friggin awesome sauce rad!!! Just sayin...

PS...below is a pic of my sons BB team, and there annual football game in the mud! Just had to add this pic as it made for a perfect afternoon! Luckily I am just the team mom, and only had to make cookies and cupcakes for the boys!

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