Monday, October 4, 2010

The buffs, and some good running...

Today was too funny~

I set out with T& P for a simple two hour run at 4:50am. I have plans to run this afternoon again with Shanny for a couple more hours so I was just looking forward to some quality time with my friends. It was so friggin dark when we started, and extremely foggy that somehow we got turned around, and lost! Here I am in Laguna Coast Wilderness park(my backyard), and the three of us got completely turned around, and I had no clue how we did it! Every time we would get to a turn we would end up making the wrong choice, and just get even more lost! Eventually after adding an hour, and watching the sun rise we found our way back to the parking lot. Funny how when its dark & foggy you just can't gage where you are on trails! In a way it was really fun except for the fact I was late getting my son to school..well almost late. He was still mad though as he is a perfectionist(no idea where he gets this from??hehe), and he likes to be early.

So after the run we quickly had T take a pic of me and Pammy sporting my Los Pinos buffs. All runners get one. The really cool thing is Corrine(she makes the buffs) also is making cuffs to match them. I got the idea from someone at Rio Del Lago who was wearing one. they are little wristbands that have small little pockets(hidden) that you can tuck salt caps or gels into. Very cool, and I am so excited she listened to my idea, and is making them now. The link is on my LP50k website...

Love everything that has come about this week. It has been one of the hardest weeks of my life, but things are very clear to me now that weren't so much last week. I have been doing a TON of running, and it has done nothing but good things for me mentally. I am in a super good place right now, and plan on staying here. I can't wait for Diablo 50k in less than two weeks!! Whoo hoo!! The rest of this year will be nothing but kicking ass, and then it's on to 2011~sieze the day my friends!!

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