Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fun with Faye!

Ok so this morning was just wicked awsome! Faye and I were supposed to run 20ish in Topanga State Park, and Jimmy was gonna link up with us, and run some of it. We both LOVE running the trails in LA as we are just down right burnt of anything here in Orange County, and plus Jimmy is nothing but free entertainment. I love the guy to absolute pieces, and it's always an adventure when Jimmy is around! Unfortunately after staying out a little to late last night celebrating Jimmy & Kate's bday, and then the long drive back from LA we decided it was best if we ran local here, and saved our great Topanga run for next Wednesday. I have an important 50k this Saturday anyways so all in all running less miles, and staying local turned out to be the best decision.

My run today was amazing. We decided to run the San Juan trail, and actually this trail is on part of my Los Pinos 50k course( It's a gorgeous trail, and the views are spectacular. It has incredible climbing, and all in all a decent place to bang out a tough 15-20 mile run. The plan today was to just put in about 10-12, and call it a day.

Faye and I always have fun when we run together because she like me is super competitive, and just loves to train hard. We had a blast powering up the trail, and as you can see from the above picture the climbing is intense! The conversation is always great when it's just us girls. So much is going on in both of our extremely busy lives right now so we pushed the pace, and chatted up a storm. Once at the top near cocktail rock we stopped. I snapped another quick pic, ate some Cliff Blocks(please somebody from cliff make coconut flavor!!!) and off we went. Once at the turn around it was all down hill, and this is where we really had some fun!

We were absolutely flying, and for me thats where I can do my thing! I love technical downhill running! We didn't really do much talking on the way down...just all out running! So fun! About a mile or so up from the finish we slowed a bit, and started to chat, and laugh how fun that was! It was great for me because since AC100 I have not really tested my downhill running, and I needed that confidence boost for this weekend. Their definitely are some men in the race I want to take out, and I have full intentions of laying it down, and running the best possible race I can. With 9,000 feet of gain and loss I am sure I can get the job done. Totally my type of course, and I will completely be in my element~cannot wait.

Once finished we hopped in the car, and I drove Faye back to our meeting spot at Starbucks where her car was parked. I love Faye to death, and she has become one of my closest girlfriends in the last couple weeks. I have needed her shoulder tremendously lately(that is an understatement), and I could not have made it without her the last twelve days of my life!! Luv you Faye!

Life is awsome, and today is S.L.A.M.M.E.D!!!! Tons of permit work to do for all of my new races, Los Pinos 50k work, and on and on. I leave for San Francisco in the AM after I have a quick few meetings to power through(sorry Jimmy about flaking on the hike), and then it's off to LAX! Looking forward to a fun BBQ at Mark's house tomorrow night with crazy ultra runners telling stories about crazy runs and races! Oh god I love this sport! Such a fun weekend ahead, and I can't wait! Full re-cap when I return Monday! YIPPIE!!! Have a great weekend all, and Jimmy GOOD LUCK at oil creek 100! Godspeed you rockstar!!!!


  1. Good luck at your race Keira! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. This is my first time reading your blog (actually stumbled upon it when I signed myself, Velvet and Active Culture up for Twitter--I know, I know, I gave in) and I see “Fun with Faye!”. Ahhh Keira, I love you to death too and am so glad we can laugh together, cry together, and push each other, on and off the trails! Kick ass this weekend and can’t wait to hear about it!