Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cool shirt...and my 2011 race schedule

Ok so have a few minutes and wanted to post this amazing shirt Charlie Nickel made for me for Los Pinos 50k. They are so comfortable, and if you look closely maybe you can see the hidden skull in the backround? Lovin this shirt! They will be available to buy as these are not the runners race day shirts...those are still a secret! Here is a link to buy the Los Pinos shirt below: http://www.inknburn.com/store/los-pinos.html

Definitely have most of my 2011 race schedule figured out! Here goes...

02/2011~Twin Peaks 50 mile
03/2011~Lake Sonoma 50mile
05/2011~Hmmmm...(I will find something)
06/2011~pacing/crewing my man at WS100!!!
07/2011~White River 50mile

This schedule was very different as of last month, but it is pretty solid as of now. Once I make my mind up I never go back, and my heart is really set on Wasatch. I am going to go up on Memorial Day Weekend with some of my peeps, and run the entire course that weekend. I also plan on going out to Utah next summer for two weeks in August, and just hammering 200+ mile weeks in the Wasatch mountains. I will show up prepared, and ready to rock.

Have a few more races this season, but nothing to huge. Just fun stuff, but I somehow have added a few more races than I planned on! Having way to much fun living life, race directing, and running like a maniac! Yippie!

Oh and race date for the Leona Valley Trail Races is Saturday October 1st, 2011. Many have sent me messages asking. Ghost website page will be up by November, and then its off to planning. I have added a marathon to the mix so it will be a Trail Marathon, half, 10k, & 5k! My lord someone commit me now! Ha!


  1. Wow, can't wait for Leona Valley Trail Races! Do your days have more than 24 hours? How do you fit it all in?

  2. Karl I have no idea....love living!! Just.can't.stop.ever.no.matter.what.