Saturday, October 9, 2010

Such the chef!

Ok so no running promised I will post full re-caps soon. I somehow got talked into running 27ish miles on Tuesday...which was NOT the plan originally. So after I bang out a 50k run tomorrow, and 10 on Monday morning Faye and I are running Westridge to Temescal and back on Tuesday. Being that I am continually surrounded by crazies many have offered to help in this nonsense~Jimmy you are such an instigator!! Oh well I love it, and am game for whatever my looped out ultra running friends drag me into! I made her pinky swear we would do 50% of it hiking as I have a very important 50k next saturday that i want to rip to shreds!!

So on with my post! I LOVE to cook~I mean LOVE!! I am an absolute self proclaimed health nut!!! Nothing processed(diet foods oh god don't get me started), nothing artificial, and nothing fake goes in my body 98% of the time. I truly enjoy making sauces and dishes form scratch, and after a long day of trail running I love nothing more than coming home and making yummy food!

I got home from taking Paul to the airport just a bit ago(he is leaving for  4 weeks to go god knows where for work..Colorado, Seatlle,blah,blah..), and decided I wanted to make a foodie feast! I walked the dogs, fed them, did some laundry, dropped Tyler off at the movies, took 15 recover-eas(hope I don't die!?!), and cooked to my heart's content! I love "good" for you grains like Quinoa, Amaranth, Millet, and Teff. I use all of these in my cooking, and mostly make tons of different stir-fry's, ect. I make all of my sauces from scratch, and tonight I made an amazing pine nut pesto! Everything I use(herbs) I get from my garden, and all my veggies I by at my local organic farm. I decided to stir-fry up some bell peppers, mushrooms, kale, and asparagus. I then added my homemade pesto, some fresh chopped garlic, a little of my homemade spaghetti sauce(i keep it jarred), and then some Quinoa. I stirred it all together, and then added some black beluga lentils(total superfood), and I had a few meals for the next few days!! It turned out sooooo yummy!! I love cooking like this because I break it up into 3-4 meals, and it's just super easy to have on hand, and delicious.

I have to admit I am totally obsessed with Ultra Running, eating healthy, and just being an athlete. I love everything about this lifestyle, and I will never live any other way! Now if I could just find someone as crazy as me to enjoy this lifestyle with, and all would end well! hehe..

Have a happy Sunday all! I will be out enjoying the trails all day tomorrow! My friend Andrew keeps texting me telling me all about Chris' win at Kona! He smoked the marathon in 244, and that was coming off a 25mph bike ride! That guy is not human!! I am like, "I know I have been following!" Love amazing athletes! Andrew keeps swaring he is getting me on this new bike he bought me, and I am gonna do an ironman~oh lord why can't I just have normal friends!?! LOVE IT!!!!

Today is/was such a great day in all thats been going on. I truly have moved to a way better place then where I was at just a few days ago, and everything my friend Eric has been telling me about life, and moving on is so true! Time is such a healer, and sometimes we all just need a little time to get to all the right places in life. The last two weeks of my life have been a test, but with time comes healing, and today I am on that path no doubt~sieze the day my friends as we are only here on this planet once!

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