Monday, October 11, 2010

On the path to Leona Divide...

This past Sunday was an amazing day to say the least. I met my friend Karl( to map out and run my new 30k course for Leona Divide(yes this is my job, and I am NOT complaining). I needed to get it mapped out, and get a correct Garmin reading to be put up on my Leona site( I will do the same for my 50k course on saturday October 30th~can't wait!

It's funny how god always seems to put the puzzle pieces together when he has a definite plan in line for your destiny. Karl is definitely part of that! He ran Leona Divide last year, and I distinctly remembered him because when he came to race check in Friday night he had his wife, and two little boys with him. Honestly it was a moment I will never forget. His older son Matthew who I believe is 4 was super excited to meet me. He just kept talking and talking to me, and was probably to this day one of the cutest little boys I have ever met. We must of had a solid 20 minute conversation, and he just melted my heart. His wife was just super sweet too, and I have never forgetten that cute little family I met(LOVE being a race director..LOVE meeting new people!!) So when I started this blog I posted that I was going to start a new race called "Leona Valley trail Races". Going into it I had some huge concerns about courses, and how I was going to figure out how to map a marathon, half marathon, 10k, &5k all into one day! My heart was set on getting theses races underway, but knew I would need help form someone who really had knowledge of those mountains, and would be able to get out and run with me to pass that knowledge on. Once I started the blog Karl was the first to follow me, and was super excited about my postings about the new Leona races. He lives right out in the area(I live 2 hours away, but will be moving up that way eventually), and was ready and willing to help me in any way needed! Yippie!! One more puzzle piece just moved into place! To think if I wouldn't have started a blog I would have never hooked up with Karl~thanks Lowell for that one!!

Ok so on to Sunday.....
Karl and I met at the Lake Hughes Community Center on Sunday so we could run, and map out my 30k course. Neither one of us were sure how we could tweak my 50mile and 50k course to work in another race on the same day, but I was driven to figure out how. As a race director your # 1 goal with having multiple races is utilizing aid stations that are already in place. It just makes the most sense, and is the best way to logistically and safely keep track of everyone on the course. Two many distances with to many routes can cause runners to get lost, and that spells disaster. I just don't run my events in that manner, and would never let that happen. I was so excited to get on my course!! Honestly my heart totally belongs in those mountains, and after Sunday I know now my true destiny is to put on, organize, and race direct incredible Trail Races throughout the Leona Valley/mojave District. It is so breathtakingly beautiful up their, central to LA, and just where I am meant to be, and move forward in my life. Ever since I ran Angeles crest 100 mile, and have spent many hours on trails throughout LA in the last few months I am definitely ready to leave the OC, and see what kind of destiny LA holds. I have to stay in Orange County for a few more years, but when the time is right north I will go! If I can work it out sooner I definitely will!!

So back to the run...
Karl is great to run with. He is wicked fast(seriously, like a 2:53 marathon), and ran Leona in sub 9 hours, and it was his first ultra! He loves his kids and wife a ton, and totally makes me laugh when he talks about his little boys. The time flew as we made our way to the top of the fire road. The weather was absolutely perfect. The sun was shining, and it must have been around 60 degrees, and it was only 7am! I was in heaven being out on the course! The views are spectacular, but the best part was we were going to connect up with the Pacific Crest Trail in a bit! I LOVE the PCT!! To me it's my shopping mall. While other women would spend a saturday out shopping, and having cocktails with their girlfriends I would prefer to spend 8 hours on the PCT~it's my favorite place to be!

At about 4.5 miles into the run Karl explained we were going to follow the Leona 50k and 50mile course, but cut off from the course and take a short cut back over to the PCT. We would then rejoin the other courses once on the PCT, and hopefully this would give me the correct mileage for a 30k course. Once back on the PCT we followed the course down to what is mile 16 in the 50k/50mile route. We got to Lake Hughes road, and then stopped where I had stashed some water, and a steaz energy drink(love those!!) From here we looked at the mileage on my Garmin, and started to realize if we just followed the exact race course back to the finish we would have a 30k!! We also stopped to take some more pics on the trail~

As we left the Lake Hughes road crossing we headed back up the PCT. This is the infamous climb out of mile 42 on the  Leona 50 mile course. Funny how when you have less than 12 miles under your legs it's not so hard! Hahaha! While climbing(Karl was running, and I was power hiking!) we started to discuss my marathon and half marathon courses for my Oct 2011 races. By the time the climb was over we had both courses figured out! Funny how time on the trails sometimes is all you need to figure shit out! Ha! Karl has an incredible knowledge of these mountains, and I am just so stoked to have him helping me out. I have to get my permits, and website info done and completed soon for all of these races to be a success so to say I am busy right now is just the friggin understatement of the year!! I love it though, and it is what I am meant to do!! The craziest part of all is somewhere throughout that day we had established a 100 mile course I could do out their also. I always said no way to race directing a 100, but who knows now?? Definitely something I have written down, and am now toying with in the far future! If I did I would have to make it worth my while, and have at least 350 i would like to promote it for a couple years. Totally awsome sauce, and I love it!

When the run was done I was beside myself to see that my Garmin read 18.8 miles. Pretty right on the money for a 30k, and that is without having to have an extra aid station, and utilizing the entire Leona Course that will already be used that day! Totally meant to be, destiny, and another puzzle piece fitting my life together.

I was pretty amped, but more amped to get home, and watch football!!!! Bummed for the chargers loss as I HATE da raiders(like hate). I also really dislike Vick, and was even more bummed to see San Fran loose after the chargers game. Can't complain though because watching football with friends is so much fun! I love being able to run all morning, and then cook great food, and watch football with friends. My lord does life get any better!?!

Tonight it's all about my Friggin man Brett! The vikings will win~like seriously~I have no doubt!!! Love me some Vikings, and love me some Brett!


  1. So you are thinking about an LD-100 now? When I met you and Karl on the PCT you seemed sure it would not happen. Thanks Kiera I am looking for a 100 mile race in my future and Leona Divide would be fantastic!!! Also cannot wait to do the LD marathon Oct 2011.
    I'm glad you like Karl, I really do too, and I get to work with him every day.
    Clay of Clay and Aurora (white dog on the PCT)

  2. Hey Clay whats up!?! So great to meet you!! You are the guilty one who put the 100 mile bug in me, and yes I am gonna make it happen...2013 though so be patient~can't wait to run with you and your dog! A bunch of us are running my 50k course on saturday October 30th please join for all or some it will be supported! Yippie!

  3. Keira, thanks for all your kind words. I had a blast on Sunday. I am excited to help with your vision of the Leona Valley Trail Races, continuing the LD50 tradition, and doing some killer trail running in the mean time. I love the PCT too, and the section that we ran is one of my favorites. It is always great to turn that corner at Grass Mountain and head west on the trail. Looking forward to the 30th!