Sunday, October 3, 2010

My new race

Ok so I am pretty new at this whole blogging thing...but as I start to put together more and more races in Southern California I have been told it's a good idea. I love to write so should not be that hard right? I think I struggle mostly with time. When I am not busy organizing and putting on races, I am running about 90-100 miles a week! I love to run, and run on Trails in the mountains. I can't imagine spending my time doing anything else. I also have a VERY busy 14 year old son, and being that I am a single mom that makes me just as busy. I am involved in everything he enjoys including his cross country team! He is an amazing runner, amazing kid, and I am blessed to have him! He is my rock, and has taught me what unconditional love is, and how great it is to be selfless.

So on to my new race...

In the last year I have taken over the Leona Divide 50 mile( I since have added a 50k, and 30k to the race. This means huge work for me come January!! Handling over 600 runners out on a race course in one day is an immense job, but I am good at it, and simply put kick ass at it. I am ready for the task ahead! In July after returning from Badwater and crewing Jimmy Dean Freeman I was extremely driven to put together a new race called the Los Pinos 50k( This will be the first year for this race, and already is on the path to huge success. Love it!

So now I have taken on a new race...or should I say "created" a new race. I just secured the permits for it, but the website will not be up and going for a little bit. The race is called "Leona Valley Trail Races". It will be a half marathon, 10k, &5k. This will be a huge task as shorter trail races are booming, and I will have at least 500 runners. I hope the following year to have double that amount of runners, but these kinds of things take time. I am excited to be pursuing this new race, and look forward to giving trail runners races that vary in all distances.

Tons of great things going on in my life, and sometimes I can't believe how amazing god is to me. Every time I hit a speed bump or pothole in the road of life, god brings me some sort of blessing to help me realize I will get through it. Life is so dang hard at times, but it also can be just so darn amazing. With every struggle and mountain we climb blessings are on the other side. If life was always easy then all those great things we work so hard for would not seem so "great". I am happy to be figuring this "life" thing out one busy day at a time!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world!

  2. Thanks Evan!! Please follow my blog!

  3. Great to read your blog, best of luck to you and your new endeavorer. I hope to come out and run and volunteer at your events.
    PS.Capitalize your "G" in God. =-)

  4. Keira,
    LD50 2010 was my first Ultra and I have to tell you it was amazing! I don't know if you remember me but I was the guy with the two young boys that were talking your ear off at the pre race dinner. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I would like to say that I caught the ultra bug but with a full time job, two boys, and a wife who also runs and does triathlons, it is hard to find the time to train. I will do another one some day! The Leona Valley Trail Races sounds like a great idea. What month are the races planned for? I live just over the hill from Leona Valley in Quartz Hill and know the trails pretty well (especially LD50 course and PCT). I would like to offer help with this project from a local runner any way I can, from running/planning the courses, to administrative help, to lodging any time. Please let me know how I can help. I know lots of friends that would enjoy an event like this.

  5. Karl please email me I would LOVE your help figuring out the courses!!! I need to get my 30k course set in stone..are you free Sunday!?? My email is:


  6. I'm interested in hearing more about the Leona Valley Races! Keep us posted!

  7. Hey Keira, The LD50 was my first 50 miler as well. Thanks for all your support and the additional training runs before the event. I can't wait to do it again this year!

    P.S. Congratulations on your win at the Angeles Crest 100. Super job!

  8. Awwww thanks Michael! Very sweet of you~and don't worry we will have tons of training runs again for Leona 2011!

  9. Hey Keira,

    I really look forward to reading your blog, and the adventures that life poses you and your runs!!