Monday, October 25, 2010

Griffith Park Trail Half Marathon!

The last few days for me have been absolutely amazing, and I can't believe how many great things are happening in my life...way to much to write about today, but just wanted to touch on some of it. I opted not to run the 50k up in Malibu Creek on Sunday. I have a crazy brother named Eric who somehow talked me into running the Santa Monica Mountains Backbone Trail on Saturday with the boys & faye(SOOOO FUN!!!), and Sunday was spent running all morning with my girl Shannon. After our run I spent the rest of the day doing tons of work, and watching football. Man was I bummed to see my Vikings loose! Ugh!

Back to Griffith Park....
So about a week ago I got a very surprising phone call. Back in August I had pursued putting on a Trail Half Marathon in griffith park. I honestly could not even tell you how this came about or why I was so determined to make this happen. I live about 54 miles from Griffith Park, and personally I had zero knowledge of the trail system in the park. Sometimes when things are meant to be in life they just happen. Even if it does not seem possible, and mountains have to be climbed, eventually it will come to fruition, and god will just make it happen. Just how life works. Period. So after MANY closed doors, and a ton of "No's" I walked away from it, and put it to rest. If it was meant to be it would come to pass...inevitable!

About two weeks ago I decided to email again(for about the 20th time) the city and parks commissioner for LA. He finally had just had it with me, and forwarded my email on to the head ranger Jessica for Griffith Park. She then called me last week, and we chatted up a storm. From their my little idea of "Griffith Park Trail Run" was born!! I filled out the permits paperwork(been doing this quite a bit these days! haha) and now it was off to find a course. I picked up Shannon this morning at 5am, and off we headed up to West LA~

Although I had studied Trail Maps for the park I knew I had to get in there, run it, and really get a feel for the park. Right off the bat I decided I will start the race from the Greek Theatre side. It's a little less busy, and being this race will be on a Saturday in late July this is very important.  I had a small idea of where i wanted the course to go so off we headed up the main trail that is a Dirt Road that spines through the entire park system. Quickly we were climbing! Man were we ever! The above picture is one of the many views from the top! Honestly it was just breathtaking! The view in the pic is the city of Glendale.

Shannon and I just had a blast. My goal was to find a solid 13.1 mile loop. We did have to add an out and back section up near the Hollywood sign, but it was beautiful, and just a great course. There is so much history in Griffith Park, and I believe the runners are going to love all the different landmarks they will see throughout the race. I absolutely love history, and with views of the observatory, Hollywood sign, and the Greek it will be great!! So excited!! The runners will even get to do a small out and back to the observatory! It will be 100% on trails, and is just gonna be friggin amazing! I really hope they approve the permits!!

Once done we jumped in my car, and headed home. We had shut off our garmin's at certain times so we could add miles, and hit some of the other trails throughout the park, and just had the best day ever. Still can't believe what I did today was work?? Yes this is my job people, and I am not complaining!! I plan on running my course a few more times in the next week as I have to submit a mile by mile description of the exact course. They want all the permit paperwork submitted by weeks end so I definitely will be back up tomorrow running my course, and just getting it nailed down. Hopefully this will all work out, and I can make this happen!!

This event will be on the bigger side, and I am a little nervous as I take on something this huge...but I love it, and am good at it. It's my god given talent and destiny so onward I go!! Life is so busy in the next few months with Race directing, and running races myself! Just got HUGE news today about a certain race I will be running in the beginning new year. Cannot believe I was able to get in. Thats all I can say for now, but hell ya!!! LOVE life so much right now. Jimmy you better be ready for pacing duties!! :o)

Enjoy the next few weeks everyone, and can't wait to see a ton of you at Los Pinos 50k, and then Red Rock 40mile. Get out there and enjoy life people!!!


  1. Hmm. Grifith Park huh? (Wringing my hands). I should be recovered from Bishop by then.....

  2. Keira, you have one of the most bubbly personality! Glad I stumbled on your blog:)

  3. Awwww...thanks Olga!! Hows Oregon?? I will be up there soon to see Ashley and Josh I hope!!! I am running Hawaii Hurt in January so gonna focus on that, and then maybe get up there in the spring. Take care mama see you at Leona again hopefully!!

  4. Honey, I moved out of OR a year ago - I met a boy at Jemez 50 and decided to get married in TX...well, the TX part is temp and not quite my decision:) Have fun at HURT!

  5. That is cool you are running the HURT. It is a fun race and I cant wait to back out there this January. Hopefully we will represent SoCal well.

  6. Evan I am so excited!! Yippie! Awsome sauce! See you soon at Los Pinos babydoll!

  7. awesome! Any idea when this is going to be?

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